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Trying to buss a beter nut than God intended – FTL!

In July of last year Ralph Santiago, age 31 manged to suffocate himself by accident. Mr Santiago was found dead in the men’s bathroom of his brand new job. Thats right. His second day on the job, he was found in the mens bathroom by the guy following his shift. He worked as a security guard Slumped over on the toilet, in wellingtons, a wet suit and a gas mask over his face. Apparently the night before, Mr Santiago had been printing out instructions of how to gain a better sexual arousal by inhaling poppers through a gas canister and a gas mask or something of the sorts.

An inquest into this man’s death showed that he was into some pretty freaky shit. I consider myself pretty open minded and nasty, but I’ll pass on the set suit n shit. Its reported that Santiago liked to dress up, and really get into it, which Im all for, except that his girlfriend also says she didnt participate. Which tells me this man was dressing up like a giant bunny rabbit or a baby or a Gitmo detainee or some bullshit. Poor fella.

Im sure some people will jump to call this guy an idiot. I wouldnt go that far myself. Because every man has risked his life for a nut. Maybe you was fuckin somebodies wife or girlfriend, and if said girls man would have found out, he would have probably tried to shoot you (been there done that lol). Maybe youve driven / walked through a rough neighborhood for some big booty girl.(been there done that.) Maybe you was fuckin some girl while both her parents were home (been there done that…. too many times. ugh. lol thank god im fuckin grown now… ). Or better yet, trying to get some ass before the parents came home or were suppose to be gone, and you knew you ran the risk of them coming home but you was still tryin to fuck anyway. (been there too lol directly and indirectly, i have a story about that … it might have to be my next entry lol ) But anyway, my point is, us as men, have all put our lives at risk to buss a nut. Im sure Mr Santiago knew the risk when he went into that bathroom and through on his wet suit. Just like we all knew the risk going into our respective adventures. But sadly my man didnt survive this nut. Im sure just as he was taking his last breaths, he thought to him self, oh no…. they are gonna find me like this…. fuck! Terrible L to take.

Via: Kevin on Facebook, and http://www.getreading.co.uk/news/s/2043884_man_died_after_sex_act_went_wrong


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