Uhmah Park

Over at Engadget.com They were having a little caption contest with this picture. And I thought it would be pretty funny to add: “Other toys contain lead… this toy PUMPS YOU Full of LEAD! *evil robot laugh*”

Which brings me to my next point. America is under attack on a new front. From a brand new enemy ( hold up let me put on my GDub / Cheney suit ), The Chinese! Why do I say that? Well because I dont believe in coincidences all that much. I think its mighty strange that SO MANY damn toys just happen to contain lead. Its starting to feel like this shit is being done on purpose. Pretty soon little kids aint gonna have shit to play with. Kids are going to go to playing with (and fucking LOSING) their parents keys full time now lol.

I cant imagine what the Chinese might be up to with this. Of course, since I have on my Gdub suit, my first and initial thoughts are that they wanna kill Americans of course. But honestly I think its a little deeper than that. Maybe they want to get littleAmerican kids to play with lead based toys, catch cancer. And then tahdah? Some miracle way, the Chinese have the cure for cancer. Of course Americans would pay out the ass for a cure for cancer. Do you know what that would do for the Chinese economy?? They could just quit making bootleg shit and lead based toys cold turkey and live off that shit for as long as Americans smoke cigarettes and buy cheap shit.

Im really starting to think they have a cure for cancer, because… if there is a “problem” with lead based toys, then why dont we hear about Chinese people dropping dead from making the shit? Or is this a new thing, and they havent started dropping dead yet? One of these things have to be happening. Im convienced, I just dont know which one.