Uhmah Park

“tough times dont last, but tough people do”

i heard that some where a few weeks ago. i cant remember where for shit. but when i heard it, i said to my self… well damn, that is the damn truth.

when i heard that… everything was pointing in the direction of being all good. but now… the last couple of days. ehhh. i dont know. shit could be worse, way the fuck worse… but shit aint great either. toped off by the bullshit today. i had to fucking to go fucking church. i can not stand that shit. ive been secertly pissed off about that shit all week.

However… this might be the last time i have to go. the next time wont be for a church service really, it will probably be a funeral. which sucks.


alot of times when shit aint going so well… and i talk to somebody about it. they tell me “well im going thru this or that…” or “you think you got it bad? well this or that happen to me or some other person they know” or anything else conserning people that aint me. my dad mainly does that. he normally says “boy you think you got it bad?” and continues on into something about somebody that aint me. i hate that shit. i had to tell him the other day… you know… i dont care about anybody elses bad time except for mine. because i can only live my life. what some one else is going thru isnt gonna make me feel any better when im bogged down with whatever is going on with me. so what im not that only one suffering? i realize that im not, but how does that help me? it doesnt. honestly, in my eyes, that is some backwards ass thinking. is it suppose to distract me from my problems? i need to focus on my problems and how to fix them shits… and get over what im going thru.

eh… but whatever…

so yea… i wrote that quote out, that i heard some weeks ago, in hopes that maybe somebody else needed to hear it. id rather hear a good word, than how im not the only person with problems.


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