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Top 5 Funniest ESPN Commercial Ever

This shit here damn near killed me!!! The look on this mans face. I cant stop laughing to try to remember his name. I just saw this and I am fresh off the floor from laughing at this shit. This is the funniest shit Ive seen in a while!! All year in fact!!

This is funny for hella reasons. First of all, this is a horror flick waiting to happen. First we get a Black President and then we get a commercial that plays out an actual situation Black People talk about all the time. “Sheeeeit, if that was me?!! I would have been right the fuck off that elevator like it wasnt shit!!” And thats exactly what the fuck this Black man right here did. LMAO! Good lord!! He got the wrong fucking answer and slide his Black ass right the fuck out that elevator! “I’ll wait…” No screaming, no yelling. No oh my God!! None of that. Just off, I’ll wait for the next one. Dont start none, wont be none.
I cant take it!!

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Nigga! That was the fucking guts!! ESPN has some great ones man….

I been looking for one for College Gameday where it’s a Virginia Tech fan singing one of their fight songs up on a flag pole….no one ever knows what I’m talking bout, but nigga take my word for it, it’s the guttiest shit possible!!

It’s only funny because its true. I laughed way too hard, mainly because he just slid off the elevator like shiiit…

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