Uhmah Park

Has anybody seen those fuckin pontiac commercials??

The one where the’re like… hey what would you do if somebody handed you the keys to a pontiac for a week?

excuse me patna?

a muthafuckin WEEK?!?!?

tha fuck am i suppose to do with a GOTDAMN Pontiac for a fuckin WEEK?

go to work!?!?!? go visit my mama? go kick it over tha homies house? go to a club… in a gotdamn pontiac?? i mean what tha fuck?

The people on the commercial get super excited n shit… i mean i can see being excited for gettin a FREE ass car… but a free car for a week? damn… them cars aint THAT fuckin spiff for one… for two… really? what in tha fuck are you gonna do with that car for 7 fuckin days?

They show people drivin to places and havin fun and yap yap yap…

riddle me this… dont these muthafuckas have jobs? how they just get a car… FOR A WEEK! and be on they way some fuckin where? like they have no responsibility.

come on now… realisticly…. all a muhfucka gonna do is drive to work everyday… and if they like the way the car ride, they might go some where they wouldnt normally go. but not of fuckin vaction! maybe to the club… or a kick it spot. but damn dogg…

dont believe the hype