Uhmah Park

Am i the only person out there who watches Space Ghost – Coast To Coast? Well for those who dont know, they are airing episodes on Adult Swim now. I love adult swim, good blowed tv. When they aint airing that anime shit. I cant fuck with that shit. I used to watch dragon ball z back in the day. But that shit is irritating. Its like the excat oppisite of sitting through a mirachi festival, but the same level of annoyance. If you can imagine that. But back to Space Ghost.Watching Space Ghost blowed is a bad idea. Primiarly because that shit is random in the worst way. Too random for the inbriated mind.

I have made the mistake twice now, of watching Space Ghost blowed. Right now is the second time, and right now is also the second time i have paid for that shit. Space Ghost is not to be viewed blowed or otherwise inbreated. Or you might pay for that shit with your sanity. That shit is saturated with “What the fuck?” moments.

Sad part tho, there is a very good chance, that there will be a thrid time where i find myself in this same postion.

Now, im off to watch Family Guy. Which also had an episode i was too blowed to watch. I almost fucked around and died laughing at that shit.

Id also like to mention that Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken make for great blowed tv.

oh shit… i think i just remebered i have cheese cake in the frigde nigga! yay for me and noone else!