Uhmah Park


Today… at 8:30am i had to wake my black ass up offa very little sleep. Then, brave the ass end of los angeles commuter traffic to my parents new residence, as they were being presented with thier brand new house in fontana ca. Congrats to them. ( WOOOO! )

Today… i FINAILLY got to hear the end of the steve harvey morning show on 100.3 the beat. i NEVER listen to the radio and if i manage to wake up before 10 am im doing good… but his show goes off at 10 am so i never get to hear the shit. i dont care what nobody says… This is the best radio show ever. hands down. Steve Harvey has alot of good things to say as far as Black people and people in general are concerned. He should start a church of common sense and decency or some shit lol. not that id join… id definitly listen tho.

Today… i finailly heard a unreleased tupac song i actually liked!!! Yes… thats right… i havent liked 98% of ANYTHING that has been released in the name of tupac since he passed. i dont know what that shit was called but it was bangin.

Today… i heard jack in the crack ( jack in the box ) come out with a muthafuckin turkey burger… IT GOES DOWN! Jack in the box has the funniest fuckin radio commercials and tv spots.

Today… it was the tempture in fontana offically read: Nigga its MUTHAFUCKIN HOT! ( foreal! ) just to give some kinda refernce this tempture does actually exsist and is several levels above hot as fuck.

Today… in my parents brand new house… i dont know WHAT the fuck was going on, but they let all kinda mutahfuckin flies in that bitch… they was big as fuck… them shits looked like small birds. several were murdered by my self and my cousin RJ.

Today… in santa monica, some muthafucka lost they mind and drove ALL THRU farmers market. i havent really got any details… but last i heard 8 people were killed and over 40 were injured.

Today… i was back in my some what Home town of Fontana CA ( i was born and breed in SouthCentral… i dont giva fuck! ). and every time i visit this place i am inspired to work hard as i can so that i NEVER have to reside there again ever. fuck fontana and all of San Bernardino County ( where i currently have 2 outstanding tickets lol ). that place is the black hole.

Today… i had a thought…. what do young midgets look like? lol like… 4 year old midgets. ive never seent one. lol there is probably some irate ass midget reading this shit right now wishing id let loose my steady amazment of the midget world. lol

Today…. i found out one of my best friends ( John aka Jesus Christ ) has been in the hospital for over a week with spinal minigitis ( sp ). but i found out ON ACCIDENT! i dont even want to go into how i feel about how i found out lol ( fuckin dub… gotdamn uncommicative locc ). but i talked to his wife, and she said that he should be fine and he has stoped throwing up and what not and should be getting out of the hospital today or tommorrow. im waiting on this niggas call. she said it was the viral kind. i dont know what that means… i just hope John is alright.

Today… i talked got back in touch ( kinda ) with a girl that ive really been missing for a long time and have been trying to replace since the day she left my life. However. its been some YEARS and i dont know if there is still a place for her in my life. we both arent the same people we used to be in 2000. that WHOLE situation is a long ass blogger entry by its self… fuck… its at least a 20 page book. but hopefully, she will be back in my life like before and we can see what happens from there. poeple change. all i know i miss her alot.

Today… i had me a strawberry cheese cake blizzard from dairy queen… one of my most favorite things ever. out side of money, ass, head, french fries… etc lol

Today… around 1 oclock pm i SKATED out of fontana and managed to run into no traffic! it was devine intervention… i was sleepy as hell. God had a nigga back. even tho i didnt sleep when i got home… but i was running on Will and diviity lol

Today… i had a good as idea for a movie. let me get some some cheese. it cracks.

Today… when i got home from fontana… i was tired as fuck. and when i get really really tired… i get delerious and hyper and im liable to say anything… its just as bad as me being inbreated in any form. its kinda great… aside from the shaking and me feeling like im goin crazy when im trying to lay down for a min.

Today… the Los Angeles Social Club Planed its first event. for this saturday… we have been planning this shit for weeks.. KINDA lol but we finially got shit rollin… lol i know its short notice… but Saturday… we are gonna have a get together and everybody is welcome to join us! if you’d like. If you click the link and decide to come… let me know. DO NOT just show yo ass up and sit down and nobody know who you are. thats no fun lol. you WILL get hit up.
( fuck i hate gettin my manual html tag on ( im typing this from my mac )

Today… sigh… i got some bad news. My Errin is leaving me :-(. im so sad i dont know wha to do. she is moving out of state. I dont want to air out all her bidness lol. but she is leaving me. her job is shipping her off like she was a draft pick or some shit. sigh. im so sad. imma miss errin. a whole bunch. sigh.
( lol this is serious shit… i used the ascii sad face and everything! )

Today… i was gonna type this around the oj got back from fontana part… but i said… the day aint over yet… and blam… look what happen? ugh.

Today… it fucking rained!? a LITTLE bit… what kinda shit is that?!

Today… i found out that another friend of mine might be moving out here. which cracks. ( dont wanna air all her bidness out either lol )

Today… in hopes to distract my self from being sad that errin is leaving me… i picked up the x box controller once again ( ive sat them shits down for at least a month or so ) and WHOOPED DENNISES ASS in nba streets vol 2. HA! muhfucka!

Today… it was HUMID in the valley.

Today… at 9:30 pm me and some of my friends that stay in my apt building jumped in the muthafucking pool and acted an ass… i managed to stain my gotdamn neck jumpin over a chair and diving into the pool. i guess im not as graceful as i thought lol

Today… after anticipating a moment of hunger that would surface during a point in time where i wasnt feeling too lazy, i took my black ass to jack in the crizzel and got me and syl a turkey jack combo… IT GOES DOWN! that shit was good. it isnt as good as fat burger… or big time burger ( the hole in the wall burger joint on Reseda and Victory… i LOVE that place… if you go… tell the people that the big black guy said this place is the shit and i refered you lol ). but the turkey jack is a fine replacement after 9pm ( or if you dont live near reseda and victory or a fat burger ) when big time closes or when you dont feel like driving ( or shelling out the doe ) for fat burger…. them shits be spread the fuck out.

Today… i had a thought. Actors and Entertainers have NO humity. AT ALL. thats why a rapper can call his self whatever the fuck and think its really ok. or bark like a 13 pound dogg with no nutts… and think its cool. or sing like the muthafuckin cookie monster and think its the hottest shit since the month of august in arizona. or go from actor to rapper ( or visa versa )… and believe that have mic talent( and visa versa )… or come out with a clothing line with a dumb ass name and believe that people will buy it. or even better yet… just wear some OFF THE WALL ass shit and swear they look just fine. OR! OR!… fucking OR! embraress thier WHOLE fucking race and not feel like they bare the responsibilty of being faulted with setting the WHOLE gotdamn race back several years. first of all… speaking on setting a whole gotdamn race back 4 years… 10 years or what have you… with all the black actors and entertainers out that have ” cooned ” them selves out or just plain embrarassed black people as a whole… im pretty sure the offical count would have to be sent back to fuckin NASA to get a correct estimate and Black people would be set so fucking far back that we will finially discover fire ( back in africa of course ) next gotdamn week!!! with as much dumb shit some black people do we should at least be starting back from square fucking one and gettin our sun up to sun down on. that shit is fuckin retarded to me. Man… i dont give a fuck and i dont know any fucking actors athlets or entertainers… They DO NOT represent me ( even if i did… SO! ). what the next nigga does, doesnt have all THAT much to do with me. i have NO fucking control over that persons actions. ALL black people dont constantly act an ass… now i can see if you can take a constant and stick it to black people. but just because ONE nigga says some retarded shit on live fucking tv. THIS does not reflect upon me… shit… i honestly dont fucking care. if such and such acts an ass on tv and it was “coonerfic” or whatever the fuck… well im sorry he/she put his self out there like that. but im not embrarassed as a black person in this country in the LEAST bit. AND it doesnt make me feel less proud to be a black person at ALL! Honestly… thats too much power to give to a muthafucka who aint straight in the head… and aint gonna ever be straight lol. most people with extrondonary talent are lacking in some other areas. its a fact. you can take damn near ANY talented individual thru time. something was wrong with them. pick one… any one. And another thing… do Asains, Latinos, Arabs and so forth have this same gotdamn problem with being set back so many years? ive never heard of that shit… why the fuck do we have to have that gotdamn problem?!!? anyway…..

Today… is another day in the rest of my life.

Today… was a beautiful day.

Today… deah actually wrote something in her blogger… and i THINK she could be putting something up in her fucking photo gallery too lol HOT DAMN! ( cheap shot lol )

Today… i didnt get as much work done as i would have fucking liked… but i will try to make up for it tommorrow.

Today… has been a real up and down day. i dont know what to think about today.

Today… is actually over with because its 3:30am and its time to get ready for tommorrow.


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