Uhmah Park

My day… was eventful…
and basiclly…. worth typing out.

in espn’s sportcenter fashion… we are gonna start these highlights with a FlashBlack to yesterday / 3-18-03 / about 7 or 8 pm i was getting out the shower ( water glisinin all overr yoour baaahhhdddyyyy — and to tie that to this — yes, im very blowed at the moment ) and as i go to turn the water off… it doesnt turn all the way off……. ? what the fuck?!? i force pull tug…. nothing… the shit is still going at a slow pour… and basiclly sounds like somebody is taking a LOUD piss. fuck!…. BREAK OUT THE TOOLS!!! after some tinkinering… no ground was gained… rats!
a quick history… i hate where i stay… and id like very much to fuckin move! something is always fuckin broke around this muthafucka!
— so … it sounds like there is a 887 pound muhfucka in my shower taking piss in my gotdamn shower. and it broke me yesterday… and pissed me off all the way and fucked my day to hell.

ok… back to this day… 3-19-03… i woke up at 9 something am. and i went to the stereo shop to get my beat in my car put in. which took four about four hours… i went and had some ihop and read my XXL with biggie on the cover. it cracked… i went home… came back around 3. and oh my! ok… this is what i had installed… 1 1200 watt 2 channel amp another ……… a something hundred watt 4 channel amp… 2 12 inch 600 watt woofers with a big ass box that eleminates a buncha my trunk space. and man… that shit makes my seat feel like a massage chair! its great! man… this shit is LOUDER than a muthafucka! it hits so damn good lol… i knew it hit good when i was at a stop light and this guy stoped a car and a half behind me. and refused to pull up lol. ha! it cracks…


i fucked around and joined a Gym today! I joined the gym at csun ( i live around the corver ). Then… later after i joined. Me and the homie Dennis from upstairs went to the gym and hit the weights… BUT FIRST! Dennis is on some… lets run a mile… then hit the weights! man this nigga tried to KILL my black ass. i havent ran a mile since my 9th grade year. — quick fact! inbetween then and just few hours ago, there has been… decent amount of smoking and sitting on my black ass. Which would render me OUT OF FUCKING SHAPE –. gotdamn. im tired as fuck lol.
in the middle of hittin the weights and possibly pulling a muthafuckin muscle… i hear that yalls homeboy ( he aint mine till he step down or lower gas prices… fuck that! ) G Dub has been ( potentially over used joke alert!! ) listening to too much outkast and is now on some bombs over bahgdad shit ( over used joke alert color is now back down to “Hard Orange” america lol get out the damn duck tape and flash light… its real out here! ). i hope this isnt all for nothing… at least of they dont catch saddam… LIKE THEY FAILED DO FUCKING DO LAST TIME…. can fuckin gas prices go down? gotdamn…. i had to put 40 dollars in my fuckin tank the other day… that shit hurt! this is some bullshit. honestly. but yea… i worked out today… imma try to keep at it. i paid 90 bucks for that shit… so lets see if that shit works.

— and now. for the random thought of this post… i just came from del taco… and i was thinking. say…. what happen to the Gay Pride Rainbow stickers on neons and sprints and geo’s and cavilers and little volswagons and other various other small vehicels? i just thought about that… like say… what happen to the rainbow stickers? i mean… hey… i thought it was a bad idea from the get go… not to be gay is a bad idea… but to have a sticker telling the WHOLE world your gay? lol why dont they just get a sticker that says the following: Hey… im gay… and i want my car to be vandalized by some ignorant bastard who hates gay people.
foreal… dont gay people know that there are people who live to comment hate crimes against them? ( stop… these pepperment altoids are great… resume ). lol why not put a big ass rainbow bulls-eye on they shit? lol seriously. lol

hmm… what else… im not ready to stop typing yet.

ummm… oh yes… if the war with iraq interupts friends or scrubs… i WILL BE PISSED! yes yes yes… that is right… i do enjoy ” white shows ” ( fuck you in advance! nay sayers! ) them shits be the guts… friends… sienfied… friaser… all them shits… halarious!

speaking of halarious… the dave chappell show is gutty as hell. ooh my GOD! that shit be havin me rollin. and South park before that? SHIT!

ummm what else… oh yes! i wanna go to vegas for my birthday… memorial day weekend… who ever wants to roll… fuck it… ROLL NIGGA! imma be drunk… at somebody crap table… or shakin my stankin ass in somebody club. it should be fun… i dont know where i wanna stay yet… im thinking MGM Grand or some where around there. i dont know yet… but im definitly going. imma start traveling on my birthday from now on. fuck that. i dont care if i gotta roll by my self… im rollin!

and lastly… i dont know if its just me…. or if im just sexy like that ( i kid, i kid lol ) but when you wear sun glasses… do you ever catch people looking at you more than normal?
i dont understand that shit… ummmm could they possibly think… because they cant see my eyes… that i wont notice them looking at me? HMMM lol does it give people the right to stare? hmmm?? i dont know… like i said… maybe its me? i could be funny lookin or some shit. but yea…. fuck it… i got some new sun glasses finially… them shits crack!

yes… its time to black the hell out now. but first… some water.


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