Uhmah Park

“I started young kickin dust and, livin rough
You watch you mouth around my mama you couldn’t cuss man
I had a down ass homie though; we ran the streets
And on the scene at the age of fourteen, huh
I packed a nine and my nigga packed a forty-five
We drinkin forties, lil’ shorties livin naughty lives
You couldn’t stop us, long as I got my glock, FUCK the coppers
Hangin on the block, slangin rocks and makin profits
I couldn’t fuck with the schhhoooollll life, I was a fool
I’ll play that motherfucker for a toooollll man
Tonight’ll be the night that’s what we figurin
Hustlin in the rain felt no pain cause we drinkin
Playin them hoes like manure
First let my nigga fuck and then I fuck that’s how we do it (ha ha!)
It’s two niggaz comin up out the hood
livin life just as good as we could
But since a bitch can’t be trusted
Hoes snitched to the po-lice, now my nigga’s busted
The cops whoopin on my nigga in jail
tryin to get a motherfucker to tell
And couldn’t nobody diss my nigga
Damn, I miss my nigga
Pour out a little liquor!

Tupac – Pour Out A Little Liquor

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My good friend Errin called me earlier with a grand idea that we pow-wow’d on and developed further into this:

From this September 13th and every one here after, will forever be known as “THUG AWARENESS DAY”. On this day, 10 years ago, one of the best rappers to ever pick up a mic died from being shot the fuck up on the Vegas strip. He died in the street…. like a thug. Tupac, was a thug and he let us know repeatedly. Tupac and his thug lifestyle enchanted millions and inspired just as many. Its easy to see in music these days, you dont have to look hard. HipHop is littered with tons of Pac clones.
But Tupac didnt “invent” the thug life. He was merely its most popular stand out in his era. Not to mention he went on to not just be popular, but one of the most recognized figures of our time. My point is though, there were plenty of thugs before Tupac. These were the people who inspired HIM to be on the shit he was on. To be that nigga that we all loved, and cheered, followed, was inspired by, entertained by, but on the other side of that some hated and despised. But he was still that nigga. And thats why we felt one way or the other. But we all felt something.

So on the death anniversary (credit nas, self proclaimed thug poet) of thuggerys most popular figure, its only fitting that on this day we say to thugs that we are aware of them, and there contributions to society. Thats right. Thugs need to know that we are aware of them. You can even take it as far as this days nick name, Hug A Thug Day. Nick Name? You say? What self respectin thug doesnt have an alias? This day of thug recognition would be a rock hard mockery if it had no alias.
So you could take it as far as, if you see a thug Hug-A-Thug. But we all know that you might end up gettin yo ass whooped. But thats why we are aware of thugs. We know what we are getting into. We are saying we know what youre about.

Thugs have contributed countless things to would be main stream culture, and things that are widely accepted. Although they are not. Such as:

Chucks – Ill start off with the obvious. Before thugs brought chuck tailor sneakers back to scene. Chucks were mainly worn by basketball players. But as it turns out, chucks suck for playing basketball in. The basketball world becomes aware of this, and it spells doom for Converse right? Not exactly. Thugs have, by themselves kept chuck tailor in business. There are millions of thugs out there, thats alot of chucks to be purchased. Certainly enough to keep a company afloat. What kind of self respecting thug doesn’t own a pair of chucks? Every thug will tell you, chucks may not be great to ball in, but they provide style and are also great to run from the police or some niggas shooting at you. Essential thug equipment. Now with the popularity of thuggery, chucks are worn by all. If it wasnt for thugs keeping the tradition going. There would be no converse. Dwande Wade would be signed to adidas and everything.

Bandannas – Construction workers wore them for purpose and functionality. Thugs were the first to wear them for style.

Loccs – The shades ( sun glasses for you lames )

Hydraulics on cars

Low Riders

The multitude of brands and the market for Malt Liquor

White tees ( and if you really hard, you got a crease down the middle of your shit )

Tupac – Duh, its Thug Awareness Day

The “Nigga Moment” – If you dont know what im talking about. Perhaps you should associate your self with the first season of the popular for adults cartoon, The Boondcoks. Thugs invited the Nigga Moment, and are solely responsible for the Nigga Moment and its continued streak in our society.

CornRows – You know this as the truth when you read it. Dont lie! Wasnt nobody wearing cornrows like that EXCEPT for thugs and gangbangers ( same people ). And I know like I know that im a Black Male, The first niggas to get cornrows that WASNT thugs, only did it to look hard. Like a thug. These days though. Not so much. WNBA Players, kids, little girls, Gay niggas, white girls, Asian kids, old people, will rock some corn rows. Not trying to look hard, but to be stylish. But where did it come from? Thugs. Its time they get their due.

Keeping us NonThug Individuals “Grounded” – What do i mean by this? Especially the “Grounded” part? Thugs always find a way to us nonthug individuals grounded on the ground. They keep us down, to let us know that shit is real out here. You could have grown up in the hood. Decided to take up another lifestyle and not fall victim to your surroundings. Do pretty good for your self, make something unthug-like of your self. But still be affected by thug behavior when they do shit that they are know to do. Things like shoot up the party, start a fight at the party. Steal your car when you go see your grandmamma. Steal your car radio. Start a fight with you over some dumb shit that dont really matter. Sell drugs. Shooting innocent bystanders. Being the reason we cant have shit nice. Etc. You get where im going with this. Not only do we have “the powers that be” oppressing us. But we have thugs making sure we stay grounded like the powers that be intended.

Nike Cortez – This is all George Costanza wore on his feet. Need I more?

The Crip Walk – when white people and Asians can do your dance real good. Youve made an impression on pop culture. Theres no denying it. Congratulations.

Sagging your pants – lol

House Slippers as shoes acceptable to wear out side – you know the cordoroys joints? yes. those. and make sure they stepped on the heel.

The Long List of Tupac Clones and Fake thug rappers¬†– They sell millions and millions of records. Loved by many. Rich and Famous. All over our tv’s and on our radio stations. This is a certified impact and clearly its widely accepted.

I could go on and on with the long list of contributions thugs have made to society, pop culture and the culture of Black and Latino people as a whole. No, im not just talking about niggas. Im sure you can think of plenty more. Which is why on this day it is important to let a thug know, that you are aware of them. And let them know that we appreciate them for what they are and what they do for us all.

On this day of Thug Awareness Day what we should all do, is call the thugs in our lives and just say whasup. You know, give them a shout out, and show them some love. You know what im sayin?
You should also take time to reflect on how thugs have influenced your life.
Play all of Tupac catalog that you can stand to listen to. But also play some NWA, The Game, 50 Cent, Trick Daddy, Master P, TI, Young Jezzy, DMX, Ja Rule, The Outlaws, Ice Cube, DJ Quik, E40, Jay-O Felony, Eminem ( if youre white ), Slim Thug, Scarface, The Lost Boys, Lil Flip ( if youre gay ), Snoop, Dogg Pound, Dr Dre, You get the picture.
If you have a pair of dickies and some chucks, go a head and throw em on for a little while. However, do try to avoid contact with niggas. You could be unwillingly thrown into a nigga moment.
Drink a 40 after work.
Go kick it with your ghetto ass relatives if you got some. Maybe for an hour or two. Leave early if you can smell a nigga moment in the air though.

Let this day be a day of recognition and acknowledgment. And if you can bring your self to do it. Appreciation.

Ill be the first. I know this nigga. He is a certified thug. We used to be cool. But now, not so much. To make a long story short. This man was locked up about a year or so ago. He got caught up in some murder case. I wont go into details. One day not too long ago, my dad calls me up and informs me that this man managed to get sentenced ( when his trail was eventually over ) to do 100+ years. I said gotdamn! Just so happens, I was talkin to my dad on his cell phone. About 3 minutes after he told me about the 100+ years situation. His house phone rings. Its the man we are talking about. He says something about something retarded and meaningless at this point. And my father says to him “Say, I heard about your situation. Its unfortunate that things turned out this way” I said to my self… “Situation?” Sounded like more than a situation to me. Sounded like a big ass problem. My dad put him on speaker so I heard his response. “Yea you know, I appreciate that. It is unfortunate, you know what im sayin?” Then my father, who should have KNOWN not to ask him this around me, asked “So how much time did they give you?”
This man says “um, 167 years”
I couldnt help my self. Immediately after hearing this I yelled out “GOOOOOOOOTDAMN!!!!” and then when into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Yea thats right, I laughed at that nigga. Hard as fuck too. I have the utmost disdain for this man, and I have absolutely no love for him at all. And you know what? I know he heard me. He heard me laugh at his “situation”.¬† He went on to finish saying what he had to say and then the phone call ended. My dad went on to let me know how cold hearted I am, but i could care less. I write this to express my appreciation for him being stuck at the place where he belong for being retarded, and for being off the streets doing dumb shit.

You all should do the same, take time out to show your appreciation some how some way. If you hate them, love them, recognize them. Whatever. Write it, shout it, tell a thug, tell somebody. Its Thug Awareness Day. Let it be known.

Pour Out A Little Liquor.

This Message was brought to you by: ( the council of negros who care about thugs) CONWCAT
(credit Calvin)


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