Uhmah Park

ah yea… its on like donkey kong!

Today marks the begining of throwblack slang weekend! this time yall get an advanced notice so it doesnt pass you up!

youll be sure to impress the honeys at the crib when you tell her how stupid fly she is.
your friends will give you hella props when you buss those old favorites such as:
“like a mug” ( the sensored version of – like a muthafucka )
“cold lampin” ( chillin )
“stupid dope” ( if you need an explaination for this… just go away. )
“word to ya mutha” ( affermitive )
and the all time favorite ” FRESH! ”

everybody can thank that nigga BMG ( Big Money Gripp ) for kickin off throwback weekend with this phrase here”

” on the reala ”

gotdammit… im still laughin at that shit. word up!

alright…. im 5000 G.


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