Uhmah Park

Wzup!?!?! Thats right, i said it… you know why? because it is throwback slang weekend. Havent done it for awhile. but its back!

Check here for the rules

Usually what happens is, either on Wednesday or Thursday, somebody will use some outdated ass slang. And either in an effort to honor that person or mock them ruthlessly, we have come up with Throwback Slang Weekend where every one uses old ass slang from yesteryear.

Yesterday i was posted up at the cheese cake factory… and i hear one of the waiters with a hint of homosexuality in his voice say… "hey, what the deally-o". I wanted to get up and throw my fuckin keys at that mans head. But instead, i decided to kick off Throwback Slang Weekend. Thats right… OJ is turning the negative into a gutty situation for me and everybody else. lol

So dont be afraid to call somebody a buster this weekend.
Dont think you cant say some shit is fresh, Funky, Funky Dope, and the over zelious ass mixing of several slang words.

And if anybody ask you what the fuck your problem is… tell them that its Throwback Slang Weekend and Five27 is the booooommmmmmmbbbbbbbbbbbbbb yo!


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