Uhmah Park

This guy right here is a jack ass. I say that not really too much as an insult but because the tredmill was on running already fast as fuck. lol. No matter if this is staged or not, this shit is still fucking HILARIOUS! Im having a hard time believing the second roll on the treadmill was staged. He looked kinda disoriented when he hit that shit again lol. People fucking themselves up is funny to me. For two though, and most importantly this nigga hoped up swag clearly still intact, clearly still very poppin, despite the tumble. Maybe this was a display of how this niggas swag is untouchable. But peep how he DID remove his chains first. Cant fuck those up. He may have taken the dumbest fall on purpose. But clearly he is still standing on two feet. Swag still on.

But this shit right here….