This is why I’m a Raider Fan

We applaud shit like this. Fuck the penalty. You step on that field, youre liable to get fucked up!

McClain fucked this man up! He body slammed the fuck out of him! This was fucking awesome. Fuck Fox and CBS for not airing the damn game. Im so mad I didnt see this live.

You see all those Raider fans cheering? You hear that punk ass announcer talking shit? Youre right punk ass announcer, this isnt the WWF, this is Raider Footbal!!! OVERStand it!!

Were 1 – 1 right now, and Tom Cable clearly isnt afraid to bench the QB this year when he is blowing it. I think we can win with Gradkowski (probably spelled that shit wrong) for two reasons. 1. We have won with him in the past and he is mobile, which is a good thing, because that O-line is suspect as the fuck, Robert Gallery is a fucking cancer. Thats the only thing I can come up with lol. 2. Because he has a weird ass Raider QB last name lol. Tom Flores, Jim Plunkett, Dan Pastorini … shit like that. It fits lol.

Oh yea, lastly, I leave you with this… FUCK THE RAMS. If you dont know about the Raiders and Rams feud then… Your bad lol.

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Nigga I enjoyed the fuck outta this when I saw it! You don’t hit the sports bars to watch the games??

That’s official move!!

Low key I’ve become a Raiders fan over the years…they are my second favorite team behind the Falcons…(I was rooting for them against the Titans…until shit went bad)….

And also fuck the Rams on some old NFC West shit back when we used to play them, the Niners, and the Saints every year….fucking Flipper Anderson and Henry Ellard used to fuck us up! And that goddamn Jim “Chris” Everett!

i SHOULD find a Raiders sports bar around here. There aint NOTHING like a Raiders sports bar. There be all kind of mfs in there! LOL

that nigga chris everett probably has a google alert about that joke and spends all his NFL money trying to hunt mfs from the internet down who talk shit about his name lol

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