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This is WHY Im a 50cent Fan.

I just wanna tell you what a physic told me…

UPDATE: Sigh… clearly everybody believe this nigga took things too far. I disagree, but whatever. If you happen to see the video out there, then lucky you lol. But here is a link that might help you out some. Click Here


This nigga… had niggas at this mans moms place of work. Gotdamn..

This is why Im a 50cent fan though. We dislike people exactly the same. This is some shit I’d do. Seriously. You can tell, when this nigga 50 dont like a nigga. He really dont like a nigga. The level of dislike is hard to explain. Because alot of people think if you can do some shit like this. Youre immature or youre just really hateful or some shit. But thats not it. There are people in this world, who love to give and give and put a smile on peoples faces. They put all their energy into it because it makes them happy. It gives them a sense of fulfillment and all that do-gooder shit. It feels good to make another person smile. For which ever reason they need to be smiling for.
Then, on the other hand. You have individuals who actually get the same pleasure by putting frowns on peoples faces. They get ultimate joy, by making some one else life a complete living hell. Like its the greatest shit to them. It feels like when you beat someone at a one on one game of anything. The more competitive you are, the better it feels. Some people, arent competitive as others. Some people dont get as much joy from winning than others do. Winning is the most important thing to some people.
Everyone has a “Mean Streak” but everybody has a limit to there would be “meanness”. Some people can go further than others. But the masses agree… there is a line in certain situations that shouldnt be crossed.
Those people that get joy from making frowns instead of smiles? Those people usually are looking to identify the line, so they can cross that bitch. Cross it nice and good and hit em where it hurts. The more pain on display, the more elation yielded from which ever line crossing went down.
Just like if you give some one you love a present and it makes them cry. You walk away feeling like that person REALLY liked what you got them. You REALLY did a good job and you feel REALLY good about your self. Crossing the line, feels just like that. Except you dont like the person. Alot of people seem to think not liking somebody takes energy and puts you in a bad place. I disagree, kinda. It can if you let it.But what I’m talking about is something different, its the same kind of energy it takes to like some one or to keep them as a friend. But when you play a practical joke on this friend, you mean it lol.

You might read this and think. Damn OJ is a fucked up person lol. He is just looking to do people foul. Nope. Not at all. I believe, that you can lead people to slaughter or to pasture. I personally rather lead people to pasture. But if we’re beefin, Im always ready to cross the line. I can go either way and be just as happy. I dont walk around lookin to be fucked up. So if we’re beefin, its probably your fault lol. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong.So if you can show me that I was wrong and I can agree. Then I’ll say I’m sorry and mean it. So as far as I’m concerned. There is no reason for anybody to have beef with me. Im really a nice person. So if we’re beefin, that means that YOU are fucking with ME and that, I’m seriously too competitive to stand for lol. Not only that, but if I decide that Im going to go ahead and “return fire”, Im not gonna know when to stop. Im only gonna stop when I feel it. Just like when people stop doing favors for their friends. Why? Because they dont feel like doing that shit. Same thing.

I guess I’m kind of an extremest. I thought “shock and awe” was a good plan to be honest lol

This same shit is one of the reasons my homeboy Wendell is my nigga. In highschool, this man was beefin with this nigga that I didnt like my gotdamn self. So one day, I hear about this nigga that Wendell dont like tried to say whasup to him in passing. Like yo whasup Wendell. This nigga replies… “Nigga dont talk to me, nigga I dont like you!! We aint cool nigga!!” loud enough for plenty of the cafeteria to hear it lol and see him walk off with out a reply. LOL shit was hilarious. I wasnt there to see it. But enough niggas told me about that shit minutes later lol.

I wish there was some kind of award this nigga 50 cent could get the way he is going at Rick Ross and DJ Kalid aka the hollywood car chase driver lol. When 50 took Rick Ross’ baby’s moms shoppin and had her all on camera talkin shit. That was pretty damn good. But this fucking poem shit here… rollin up on a nigga moms… at work… at home… caught her sleep AT WORK!!! Imagine how she is gonna feel when DJ Kalid calls her up all frantic n shit lol And thats how she has to find out she got busted sleeping at work lol. Not only that, but if her job is on some punk ass South Carolina shit, she might get fired lol. lol gotdamn. This is how you cross the damn line lol. There aint no coming back from that shit lmao. There aint gonna be no press conference. Minister Farrakhan wont be able to say shit thats gone help. Nothin. Its either on for life after that. Or you have to accept that you took an L and pray thats as far as it goes lol.

Lastly to clarify one thing. Imma 50 fan. NOT a G-Unit fan. Them niggas are terrible lol. Ive never understood why rappers always want a crew they are gonna outshine constantly.Well, I kinda do. Theres money to be made, but damn lol.

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