THE INS This Is What Happens When...

This Is What Happens When…

In China, the other day, a 30 year old man fucked around and dropped dead playing online video games. This man had apparently been playing for 3 days straight.
Maybe if the keyboard didnt contain lead based paint and materials he would have made it for 5 days? yes? who knows… But I do know this:

This is what happens when you have a little dick and nobody wants to fuck you.

This is also what happens when people dont have shit else to do because the government is hella controlling.

How is it that you really have nothing else going on in your life, that you can spend that much time playing an online game lol. Now I cant really talk shit. Ive managed to lose like 50 pounds damn near from working WAY too much. But I was making money. What was this mans excuse??
I love video games like the next guy, but gotdamn lol. What happens if he would have survived this stint, and won the game? YES! I won the game!!
I know every time Ive won a video game, that feeling of satisfaction only really stays around for like 15 min. And then Im left feeling pretty empty lol. Like this has rewarded me nothing but 15 min of satisfaction, but it took me like a month to finish the gotdamn game lol.

The only games I cant really say that about are games with story lines, its kinda like watching a movie. And you finish the game to see how it end. Those games and games where there is a high level of user on user competition. Im SUPER competitive lol. Im still not spending three gotdamn days non stop on my shit though lol.

Anyway… lol

Im going to start two new categories on this shit lol 1. “This is what happens when…” and 2. “The INS”

Im starting the This is what happens when category to provide me with a platform to say the most fucked up shit that comes to mind when I see something, and then want to provide a explanation as to why that particular thing might be going on lol.

And then some of you might be familar with The infamous INS (Insensitive News Syndicate), some of you same muthafuckas might be wondering what happen to that shit. Well… a nigga like me doesnt have all the time in the world to blog. AND the niggas that was suppose to help me, clearly have other shit to do and dont wanna eventually be paid to write fucked up shit that they watch on the news daily. Whatever. I cant do it by myself. But I can write shit on MY shit from time to time. And thats whats about to happen.


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LMAO!! I read this blog from time to time and I can’t believe this shit had me coughing my lungs out! You need to stop lmao…very fkin funny lol thanks for writing !!!

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