Uhmah Park

i recently “came up” on like the whole catalouge by the doors. i wasnt really trying to hear them, until i found out they was from LA lol.
ive heard a couple of tracks that were dope so far… i gotta whole buncha more shit to listen to tho.

but yea. im not closing my blog down, which i suppose the title insinuates, but im talking about something else.

I think… i have reached the end of the interent. not only have i reached the end. ive laped the muthafucka at least twice. ive seen just about ever site there is to see, ive seen all the shit im interested in… and even shit i didnt know i was interested in till i saw it. ive seen all the pass arounds. unfortunatly i know a good number of dumb asses who like to forward me dumb ass emails about various shit, from jokes that ive gotten at least a good 8 times previous to them sending it to me… to retarded shit talkin about if you forward this to everybod you know… bill gates will send you 100 bucks or some dumb shit like that. ( just so everybody knows. thats possibly the dumbest shit ever ). ive seen all the graphic jokes and pass arounds. all the funny pictures. all the everything. there aint much i havent come by on the net.
the only thing that there is to look at… is design sites. and thats only because they change fairly often. and there are new design sites popping up all the time. besides. that is the industry im in… and the only reason im on the internet as much as i am. this is where i pay the morgage and the rest of my bills. i suppose i could go around reading blogs all gotdamn day. but, i dont read peoples blogs that often. there are like two i read more than twice a week. why? well… i aint interested to be honest. people dont type out anything im interested in reading. especially people im not familar with. i dont know. its werid to me. im surprised anybody reads this here bullshit to be honest.
im fuckin bored with the internet… message boards and everything. maybe i just need some friends and associates in my industry? i dont know.

as for this shit here… i will eventually shut it down. ill probably always have shit to say ( When i dont… is when i DONT post lol ). but its coming down soon as it start fucking with my money too much. like if i start losing business n shit because of my thoughts, views etc expressed on this shit. fuck that. lol. money is like my prozac… it makes everything ALLLLLLLLLLRIGHT for the most part lol. i can take care of the other shit lol. long as i got money in the bank. thats just how i work. it dont got shit to do with me being materialistic. or shallow or anytyhing other dumb ass trendy term people like to use for those of us that hold money in high reguard. i have people to take care of… i have responsibilities… me having money in the bank means i can sleep better, and be less stressed out about all kinda other shit.

man… speaking of sleep. a nigga needs to get a lil mini black out session going. i can barely see.


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