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This Has To Be The Most Random Terrifying Shit There Ever Was

So, one day. Im all extra unsober. Minding my own business. And then this commercial comes on


LMAO gotdammit, I almost sufficated myself from laughter. I thought I was gonna die. I couldnt imagine that being me at ALL!! Three knock off geeked out Agent Smiths come busting through my walls on squaking ass ostriches out of no where?!?!  That would fuck with anybody. Not one dude on a ostrich. But he brough two friends for back up! Also on ostriches! They not only fucked up this mans walls. But they tore this mans room apart! The one ostrich had his head all in his draws! LMAO
Then to make the murder complete, he not only gets locced up on by a dude on a ostrich. But the guy on the ostrich commands this ostrich to poke the fuck out of this nigga in his chest LMAO followed by "ZIP IT!!". This is how you punk the fuck out of somebody. This is the real meaning of being punked. These fools wasnt playin lol.

But what I wanna know, is why this guy looks like a modern day Soul Man.  I understand this is a commercial and all. But I cant help but imagine if that shit happen to me, there is no way I wouldnt make my way out of that room some how some way. Dipping and ducking ostriches lol or fuck it, run through one lol. This shit would have anybody lossing their gotdamn mind.

This is one of those things thats ALWAYS funny no matter what, long as its not you. You'd laugh if they did this to your own child, mamma, grand ma. Anybody. Except if it happen to your ass. LOL

This is an awesome commercial lol

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