They Should Have Never Gave You Niggas Technology!!

Introducing: Majaa Maine

Ill let the videos do the talking first.

I Drop Nuthin But Heat

Hail & Rain

Now, on the surface, youre probably saying to your self; Damn, how you just gonna talk about a disabled person like that?
Well, im going to tell you how! First of all. Fuck that, he did it to himself!! Did you happen to catch some of this mans lyrics? He be pimpin?!!? Are you serious? Do you expect me to believe that? This muthafucka can only move his fucking eyes!!! Who is he pimp slappin? Is he gonna run a bitch toes over as an act of discipline? Im not fucking buying it.

You know what. Maybe this is a joke. And these two niggas thought that shit would be pretty gotdamn funny. And you know what? It really fucking was! I almost lost my mind watching this shit!!! Yes… we are going to just believe it was all a joke. Good one guys. Keep it up.
But honestly, if it wasnt a joke. Keep it up anyway because im going to damn near pass out from laughing reguardless!!

8 Responses to “They Should Have Never Gave You Niggas Technology!!”

  1. Anonymous

    It has to be a joke because i cant stop laughing from the gutty material i have seen with my own two eyez & heard with my own two ears….LOL…what is the world coming to when u have a disabled wannabe pimpen rapper? Down the tube’s i tell u…..lmao

  2. Anonymous

    “LMBAO” Man this is funny as hell!
    A paraplegic rappin’ pimp? OH HELL NAW this statement is even funnier. Man you should’nt shock the hell out of people on here like that bro. LOL!

    You should blog more often, so I can stop being so damn depress man. When I come on here, I always feel like I took a damn bottle of prozac or’re funny as hell.

    If I was near you man, I would buy you’re ass dinner everynight.

    Yes, Pecan is a damn lady too. No homo!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey O,

    If bitches get paid to be bitches, why not blog for dinners. Naw! I love black humor, can’t beat it you know.

    I have yet understand why “blacks” are not the top in this country. My white family is “dull” as hell. Yes, I’m bi-racial too. Dull with a capital “D” man.

    They should pay some of these mf to just blog for depression. LOL!

    “Blogging for dinner is a concept that might be worth my wild lol”
    Need an agent? Call Malcolm Jamal Warners Mother…aint she like the agents of the stars? better yet call “Beyonce’s father” that nigga will hook your azz up for straight. LOL!

    Really, I love this nigga right here….Cocaine is a helva drug(Rick James).