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They NEW Jheri Curl

The Cronrow is the Jheri Curl of the Millinium! (sp)

I have proof!

buss it!

First…. the famous and hidious Jheri Curl!

At first.. this so called hair style was mostly worn by movie stars, athletes , and who ever else had a lil bit of money and wanted to be fly. then of course… as time went on… negros will be negros… and they see this new hair style and they want to look like thier favorite athlete, movie start and local fly nigga. So now… you have a buncha niggas… walkin around with glistening ass heads n shit… fuckin up peoples: couches, chairs, walls, clothes, hats, sheets, bed spreads, pillows, pillow covers, and basketball carrers… because nigggas used to think that they could rock their curl on tha damn basketball court and they would have muthafuckas slippin all over the place I.E AC Green ( lol they made him cut his shit after a couple seasons tho ). Then… some how some way, Gang bangin ass niggas started sportin Curls, then NWA comes out, Ice Cube is flossin his Curl… then bam! if you are a crip or a blood or an assortied thug where ever you might be in the united states…. it was damn near a reqirement you had to have a fuckin jheri curl if you were a gang member. but yea man… anyway… there you have…. the basic history of the Jheri Curl. it went from the rich or well off… to the basic nigga from the hood and anybody who wanted to sport one.

Now… Enter the Corn Row.

this hair style has been around for a min. However… this hair style was mostly sported by niggas in the hood… who had jheri curls, or a process ( a fuckin perm )… but was……. inbetween curls or perms… and needed a manageable lay over till they got they new curl kit or make it to the shop to get they shit redone. OR for the lil ghetto child ( lil boys mainly ) whos mamma wanted they baby to have all the hair they ass never fuckin would… but since its a pain in tha ASS to comb all that fuckin hair… blam… put that shit in corn rows and send that nigga outside. but you know niggas…. they will turn anything into somethin fashionable. so you have the lil street niggas around who sport the corn rows… eventually… got record deals…. basketball contracts… blam! now…. everybody wants to look cool like these guys… so everybody is now sporting corn rows… all kinda muhfuckas who just shouldnt have em. like older muhfuckas… like DL Hugley… Jerry Rice… etc.. look around look around, notice all the people you see with corn rows… who probably should have em. lil girls, pretty boys, bougie niggas… etc.

so you have the jheri curl which started out being worn by bougie negros at first then everybody else… and now you have the corn row… started in the hood… and moved on… both styles having groups of people who shouldnt really be sporting it. and both style worn too fuckin frequently!

ill never rock corn rows…

im not really trying to look like everybody else

plus im super tenderheaded… i have to cut my hair every week… because if my hair get too long ( long enough to pull ) ill get headaches… and wake up with headaches in the morning from me movin while i was sleep and my hair pullin…

sucks huh?

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True. And who the fuck was Jheri anyway? You’d think he was the black jesus, early 80s everyone was rockin’ his do, tryin’ to look like ’em. And though ur absolutely right about the corn row bein the new nigga hair fad, it aint hurtin’ nobody. Niggas were ruinin’ couches wit the curl – dat’s not right. Now the half corn-rowed head, walkin ’round wit half a fro like there aint nothin’ wrong – DAT’s fucked up. People, news flash: Being from the ghetto makes u ghetto. Ur hair does not, ur wifebeater does not, ur puffed out boxers… DO NOT. Stop tryin’ to be ghetto. Everybody and their momma thinks they’re thug now. I hate people. Be yourselves! Maybe some of you might actually someday have an independant thought of your own worth voicing.

Whether you know it or not this article is exactly true. The history of the jheri curl has evolved in just that manner throughout history. But yeah I totally agree and I could not stop laughing.

Finally! Someone who realizes that not all styles are meant for bougie folks! Swear, Jakricat got a point too that EVERYONE thinks they’re thug now. Shit, this should be the public service announcement for all the kids in the suburbs investing every freakin dollar they got on “ghettofyin” their style. I’m waiting til VH1 comes out with “I Love the New Millenium / 00s” so ghetto america can take a step back and laugh their asses off at cornrows taking over the world

Fuck You!!!! Jheri curl will never die. I just discovered the absolute beauty of the jheri curl. I can not leave my house without getting laid, now that I’m using jheri curl. It’s amazing. My beauty is now tenfold.

What the fuck! A hair style is a style a black person can do anything with there hair cornrow, Dreadlocks, Perm ,Bald or fade. We black people Have any choice in the world there is no limit. Some people have no choice but to try down grade and belittle other blacks trying to be different. We all shoudn’t where the same hair style same clothes, ideas or music. We shouldn,t dictate each other away because the white race already has there hand in that now you every see a whiteperson with dreadlocks it’s nasty.

There’s more than one curl stylr there’s Carefree, S-Curl, Donnies and the Wave neuvoe which is a finger waves that was a curl. Cornrows been around for a long time sistas used to wear cornrows back in the 60’s curls have been around a long time not just jheri curls. Afro-Sheen been around for a long time. white people think they know alot about black hair You can’t study our history from the present you have to go way back to the hotcomb back to the first black millionare. It was a women if you don’t know that! you don’t know me! And that N-Word is still disrespectful even if it is A-instead of ER when you say it or spell it get it!

Curls came out eastcoast westcoast. It’s a blackthang and you still don’t understand Kool and the gang, Earth wind & Fire Midnightstar and the jacksons had curls before N.W.A who ever you are were you born the late 70’s or what Early 80’s or are you a know it all whiteboy that just don’t get it. Cornrows been around since my people were stolen. Not only the rich could afford the curl but anyone could that had hair like wool. Were you asleep back then or what. Steveie wonder had cornrows it’s nothing new you @#$&#&##.

LMAO! I remember my friends Mom had to buy that plastic stuff for the headrest on her furniture because her kids kept gettin’ that stuff all over the place! HA!

I sho hope you aint black, cause if oyu are then your a disgrace. You need to go hang out with your skater friends, cause you dont belong in the black community, ya fagat!

hahahaha so fuckin funny but i need to learn out how to cronrow cuz thats all my bf talks bout soooooooo see yah

I used 2 spit on whites, until I found out y`all spit on me,I used 2 feel love 4 blacks but behind my back some turned on me,they spoke about whites like I once did, “fuck them all ´´cause they`re all shit”, it`s not the colour that`s the problem, black is beautiful, but we got to live with it, even if we`re white.

I`ve met guys, black guys which all SEEM da same, `cause all of them R playing a game, I turned my head 4 guys only wanting me 4 bed, but now I´m playing games on them instead…. ´cause I got my mind right and I´m gonna fight guys that made me white.

I think the thesis of this person’s topic is pretty wack because there are *more* people sporting fades and bald heads than those who have corn rows.

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