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These people are definitly voting for Sarah Palin

This is why, me and Errin are friends. Because we find shit like this…. OVERLY hilarious, for hella reasons! Thank you Errin, for sending me this link!

Do your self a favor, and watch the whole thing. Please.
This is possibly the greatest shit on the internet right now. Its a good thing they dont have and embed code lol

First off, this shit starts off with this guy who looks like he was captian of his christian schools cheer team and dance team, kicks this hot number off for the savior with a quick and awesome foreshadow of how awesome things were gonna get about… ooo three quarters of the way through. But dont forward it, you might miss the beginning, and thats the best part. You’ll know it when you see it, if you havent watched that shit already lol. After I got finished being over the initial hilarity of it all, I then asked my self. Why do the two ladies on the ends have mics in hand, and the guy in the middle has a headset? HMMMM? Come to find out, it was because the most awsomest break down ever was waiting in the grass ready to pounce on its prey that is the audience and thrill the FUCK out of them! I know he got my black ass lmao.
This dude looks like he managed to cram every move he ever saw micheal jackson do, for his most awesome solo trubite to the savior ever, in less than 30 seconds. Astounding! and fucking hilarious! What a break down that was there! That shit looked HELLA planned. You can tell that man was ready to do that shit for months lmao. I wont go into the back drop and the pedophile band back there lol.

But, I noticed, I see a drum set, I see a muhfucka back there on the drums, I hear no bass? Like, I hear it, but my sub isnt moving really lol. This beat is all Casio son!
The lady on the right, looks like she prayed for a month for her husband to do this shit. She got up there and took full advantage and proceeded to go as far as her ethnicity would take her. Which Im sure was pretty far as far as she’s concerned.
The lady on the right looks like she lies to her self square in the face about something, every morning lol. maybe thats a girl. who knows.
This also looks to me like the dude in the middle passively pushed the fuck out of these two ladies to do more than they signed up for as far as the dance routine goes lol. I honestly cant believe the church ok’d this shit to be on the website. lol

I also cant help but wonder, what was up with the coordination. I mean, it could be the nigga in me, but why arent they in matching fits? I only say that because, this routine clearly took alot of practice and effort. So why not get matching fits? They even manged to be in sync most of the time. They really lost points with me there. However, they did kind of gain them back in the fact that they are dancing in church clothes. The lady on the right looks like she came from her secritary job (that her husband allowed her to get) and ran straight up to church to do the show. So she wore the same thing to work, as she did the show, and it just happen to match. lol
The girl/lady on the left, she looks like somebody probably had a problem with her showing that much leg lol. Is she dancing in a fucking jacket or something? lol damn. If I was more high, I would have thought this dude was dancing with two dark ass smurfs. Their blue dont break for shit lol. It looks like they used to be in the blue man group choir or some shit lol.

And now… parting words from the killa cal, himself:
[9:38 PM] thekillacal: when Al Gore created the internet….he had no idea the comedy he was unleashing
[9:39 PM] o2thaj: RIGHT!!!!!!

You know what, for a little while, I thought I was gonna get tired of Sarah Palin jokes. But you know what? I havent, self high five!


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