Uhmah Park

First of all, let me say this. I hate the celtics. I hate the city of boston. I hate everything about boston. I hate every professional team from boston. Especially the celtics. Especially the punk ass patriots. I dont even like tea parties. lol

Secondly… Fuck all you boston celtics fans that will say Kobe and the Lakers were crying when they lost the title. To that I say, FUCK You twice times. Crying over not winning a title is WAY different over crying for getting cussed out by your team mate lmao! So fuck you for a third time!

So with pleasure. I present to you a video of one of the bitch ass boston celtics, a make nick named big baby, crying like a lil bitch. Over receiving brash constructive criticism. That im sure he has been receiving in some form his whole life. What a bitch ass nigga this man is! Good grief!

I bet you can smell this mans vagina from distance! When the celtics come to LA, imma have a care basket of feminine hygiene products. So he can feel nice and fresh and oh so special for the upcoming game. KG probably snapped his thong in the huddle thats why he is crying like this.

Im so happy they caught this on camera. I dont know what to do. I wish they would catch more shit like this. I see shit like this happen all the time. I have a very long story about Delaunte West, that you had to see to appreciate. Its a shame no one else saw this shit. But at least JD did. We laughed pretty hard at that shit. I wish i could find a youtube clip lol.

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