Uhmah Park

I know a dude, through a friend of mine. He’s on my buddy list. How he got on MY buddy list? I dont exactly remember. And you know what, now that i think about it… i dont even know this muthafuckas name. All i know is, this man types with a pink font, and a black background.
Thats how I recognized people most times. By the color of their letters and what font they using. I know i aint the only person that do that. And then when you got a unfamiliar… you stop everything and REALLY look at the name lol. I know im not the only nigga that does that shit.

This dude is on my buddy list… and ive been knowing this dude for a long time, now that i think about it. But i dont know shit about this man really. Like i said, I dont know this mans name even. Well, i might know it, and im too blowed to remember that shit right now.

So I was sitting here being blowed one day, and i realized something. This man is only on the Internet when im high. Or want to be high…
So lately I’ve been starting to think… maybe this man is a figment of my imagination? Like my blowed imagination. Im starting to think he might be an imaginary figure on my buddy list. I swear thats the only time he is ever online… is when im fucked up some how. He is almost like that martian on the flintstones n shit.

This man is kinda random too… the other day, he went on a date to a fuckin Black Eyed Peas concert. Poor guy, i felt for him, because there was no way that was his idea, pink font or no pink font lol. Lucky for him the PussyCat dolls were on the under card ( why zab judda get beat up like that? ) and he hadnt ever seen the lead singer.

Another reason i thought he might be part of my blowed imagination, is because everything this man says, i find a way to laugh at. Even if he is being serious. I dont know how this is possible. But thats what goes on.

By writing this out, i am in no way out of my gotdamn mind. I know good and gotdamn well this man is real… and im not imagining everything. I just thought it would be pretty funny if it was. And I could half way make a case for it being real lol.

Blowed Mind Exercise.


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