Uhmah Park

… and they are having a conversation. Would it be rude of me to ease drop? Who cares, these muthafuckas are on MY roof. For what reason? I have no clue. (turns out they were clearing leafs out of the gutter) I live in a little condo village or what have you. So I hope that clears up any questions as to why there are two muthafuckas on my roof right now. I dont know what the fuck they are doing up there. But it isnt the first time there has been somebody on the roof and I didnt know why.

Anyway.  So Im listening to these muthafuckas right. And they are talking about some lady who fell her ass off a roof, and landed face first. I dont know when. But from the conversation, I now know what happen as a result of this lady falling off a roof and landing on her face. The one guy telling the other guy, said that the lady broke every bone in her face. Which turns out included her forehead. Which is now starting to sound like hype at this point, because the guy telling the story went on to say that she cracked her forehead open, and her brains n shit started to leak out. But the lady is still walking and only has one little scare, or something to that effect. Oh really? He also said, before all of that shit… she broke both her eye sockets, jaw, chin, teeth, whole face. THEN he went into the forehead shit. Im starting to feel like this guy is blowing more than chimney smoke lol.

Im wondering how far does a muthafucka have to fall for all that to happen, and then they survive with out the most gruesome of face obscurities?? And then Im wondering, I dont see these muthafuckas up there with no ropes or nothing. I have a two story spot! lol The last thing Imma wanna talk about to some clumsy fat guy (i discovered they was fat after they went over to the next roof) is about what would happen if one of our fat asses was to fall off this roof. Maybe Im just scared of heights. ( not totally, but enough )
I started to wonder though. The wind has been blowing pretty hard lately, and its not unfeasable for the wind to blow you off balance. If one of these dudes was to trip, stumble and then fall off my roof screaming past my window and folded my outdoor furniture in the back yard. I wondered how I’d feel about that lol.

I can bet I’d be pretty pissed that there was a dead white dude in my back yard and I didnt put him there initially. In any circumstance this would be extremely unacceptable, honestly. But, I honestly cant see feeling sorry for his ass up front. Maybe at some point.
But if this muhfucka was to survive??? And please dont let a loud pain saturated moan follow that terrible crash and fall. Because right now, I cant stop laughing at the thought of this man folding his self in that manner. LOL WOOOOO. I just spent like the last 15 min laughing at this believing that shit would be the funniest shit ever. I can see my self running outside and laughing my ass off in this mans face first. The best I could do would be to say something such as “DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAMN LMAO ARE YOU ALRIGHT? LMAO”. Yea, that sounds like the best I could do.
Just incase you were wondering, Yes I am also fucked up enough to make him pay for everything damaged, AND clean that shit up before the ambulance gets here. lol

And No, Im not praying for this guy to fall. At least not in my back yard (what you niggas know about NIMBY?). If he fell in somebody elses back yard for me to see from here though!! LMAO !!! WOOOOOOOO. Id have to break out the SLR with the zoom lol. lol fuck help lol. At least until Im done laughin my ass off lol.