On GP (General Purposes)

The World Famous Bumble Bee Story

i started this site ( the blogger part ) because alot of shit happens to me, i see alot of shit… and i wanted to document it.

this is one of the things that i have happen to witness… and luckly i brought my camera for proof… becasue sometime… people think i make shit up. i try to explain… i go thru and see off the wall ass shit all the time…

not so much since i started my company… but still a lil bit.

sometimes i wish i had a blogger way back in 96… when shit was starting to get real fuckin funny… right before my senior year… and there were countless halarious ass stories. oh well…


some people have only heard about the bumble bee story… but they dont know what tha fuck it is… and i have FINIALLY stoped bullshitin… and put it on this site… it used to be on my free site ( the old version still is ) but that shit is SUPER SLOW… you get what you fuckin pay for i suppose. but i decided to move this shit the day calvin MADE ME go into fuckin black planet chat and somebody reconized my name and told the whole room that i was the person that wrote the bumble bee story… i honestly could not believe how many people had read that shit. i used to get sparatic notes about on bp and all kinda shit.

So… the Bumble Bee Story has been renamed to The World Famous Bumble Bee Story. The people who was there when i first published it know what im talkin about lol

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