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(This is the whole speech, its on a playlist with highlights at the end)

A few years back, Micheal Jordan gave the most awesome Basketball Hall Of Fame speech I’ve ever heard ever. Not that I’ve listened to a bunch of them, but lets just say his was worlds better than the other 3 people who got inducted that day. He spoke on all the things that inspired him and pushed him to go above and beyond. At least thats what I heard. Some how his speech was put on the asshole move of the year chart with Kanye’s whole jump on the stage thing. I really couldnt believe some people saw it that way. A lot of sports commentators or¬†pundits¬†or whoever these analyst are suppose to be now a days, were the main ones calling foul. Mostly their argument is that he should have been gracious.

The “Gracious” argument kind of irritates me. As a loser or an on looker, what gives you the right to tell me how to behave as the winner? You lost, you clearly didnt have what it takes to win. So youre telling me, with you¬†losing¬†or observing my win (that you had nothing to do with), you then win the¬†opportunity¬†to tell me how to feel and act about my victory… after you just got finish losing to me?!? Fuck You Pal. Not only did you lose to me, but you also lost the right to tell me how to celebrate. So what if you dont like it. If I were you, I would have tried harder to win so you wouldnt have to hear my shit. But clearly you didnt take these steps, so you lost. And you get to watch me enjoy my victory in anyway I see fit. When you step on any field of battle or¬†competition, thats how it goes. That is the¬†consequence. You risk¬†humiliation¬†at the hands of the victor. If youre too scared of humiliation or worried about having your loss rubbed in your face, then maybe you shouldnt be on the field of battle and or competing. ¬†Does that piss you off? So what? If I cared how you felt, maybe I would have let you win and just been ok with KNOWING that I let you win and I could have won if I felt like it. No. Thats loser talk. Those are things losers do. For one, only losers feel like some one should “let them win” only losers feel like some one or a team “wins too much” or “always wins”. Every time I hear some one make some kind of argument like these, I lose a little respect for them as a person overall. I feel like their¬†opinions¬†on certain things arent to be taken seriously at all.

Im kind of off point here, I could go on and on about this. Because as a person, I never get tired of winning. Doesnt matter what it is. ¬†Anyway… I think what happens to people who insist on winning, is that no one ever let them win. ¬†But I also think its really hard to describe the fire that a person has inside them to make winning the most important thing in life. It could be so many different things that makes you so competitive. When I think about me and my own¬†competitiveness, Im just about speechless. Its just who I am.

This speech is a real source of inspiration for me. I hear one of the greatest basketball players ever told the world what makes him tick. What inspired him to work hard, for us all to regard him as the best. This is what happen to get him to do all the things that we were amazed by. The incidents that drove him to do the things some worship him for. This speech was so real and raw to me. In my opinion you cant worship a man for his greatness and then be mad when he is honest about what got him to that point.
This speech really gives me focus, I go back and listen to it when I feel like I could be working harder. This speech really separates the winners from the losers. Winners, loved the speech. Losers thought he was an asshole. Winners, dont care what losers think. Winners only care what losers think, when its time to tap that ass again.


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