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i was explaing this shit to somebody one day, and they just did not understand how one could possibly get a hang over from smoking weed. and i thought id share my explaination.

yes yes… i know some people are looking at this title like ” IS THIS FUCKING POSSIBLE?!?! ” and im even sure the most stoneded of the stoneded are looking at the title like hell no….

but of course imma explain.

Obtaining a weed hangover is very possible. and you can catch one, but fuckin around and doing the following… trust me. i know, ive been there more times than i can count.
There are really only two ways you can get a weed hangover…

1. Smoking Stress.
– yes, smoking punk ass stress or just bad weed in general will have you all fucked up the next day. well ok, may be just me. ive been accused, more than several times, of being an uppity smoker. but hey… fuck that, and fuck it. i refuse to smoke anything that isnt chronic. because when i smoke stress… i dont feel right the next day. and if i smoke enough. i wont feel right for a few days. it sucks, i hate it. i damn near stoped smoking at one point, because of that shit. so of course, this is the first way you can get a weed hangover, is by smokin on some bullshit. unless, youre used to smoking bullshit. then i suppose one could become immune. but fuck that. stress is the devil, and i cant fuck with it. i already got enough real stress in my life as it is. im not trying to smoke some and then not feel right. fuck the dumb.
ive come across a couple muthafuckas that will actually get offended that you dont want to smoke thier bullshit with them. even after you try to explain…” yo, i dont smoke stress dogg. ” muthafuckas try to come back on some… ahh you too good?
“nigga yes! that shit be havin ill effects on a nigga!” i cant fuck with that shit.
that shit is like drinking bad liquor. that ol hangover elixuor, that be havin you throwing up the next day buck while. call me what you want to. but i can really only drink top shelf liquor and smoke chronic. i refuse to fuck with anything else.

2. Getting WAY too blowed and eating shit that dont match.
– now this shit here… will have you ALL fucked up. lol. what happens is… you get blowed, and of course… you get the munchies. but some how, shit just gets WAY outta control, and you start eating all kinda shit. youll get some left over meat loaf or some shit, some cheese cake, soda, cookies, a pbj, french fries, go to the store and get twinkies and chips n shit… take some apple juice to the head, eat a snickers, eat some chocolate chips… all kinda retarded shit. and it will all be good as fuck, youll be hella happy and satisfied. until….. you wake up the next morning and your stomach is attempting to start a fuckin riot. and all you can do is moan and moan and moan clutch your stomach with tender care… and take the most evil shit ever. not just once. but like a good 3 times during the first few hours youre up. and every last shit you take while your stomach is hella unruley is the fuckin pits.
but at the same time, its sweet pain lol. because while youre sitting there suffering, trying to hold youre breathe because your OWN shit stinks THAT bad, because all of that bullshit you ate. you are also thinking back to how good it was, and how blowed you was. and more than likely… the great time you had being that blowed lol.

the good thing about weed hang overs are, they dont really last that long. not like a regular hang over, which can last for a cool min, depending on how much youve been drinking. i had a hang over that lasted like 2 days before. it was the worst shit ever.

unfortunatly… there is a super darkside to these two occurances. and that is, when they are both in effect. now stress will get you blowed, its a different kinda blowed. but similar to a chronic high ( with most stress ). you might have to smoke all gotdamn day to get as high… ugh. but anyway…. so yea… so youve been smoking a buncha stress blunts all night and youve been eating bullshit all night. gotdamn, when you wake up that next day…. everything sucks! you dont feel normal AT ALL in the head, and of course, your stomach thinks its the fuckin tazmanian devil n shit, and is going banannas. that is some of the worst shit ever. i actually STOPED smoking until i could afford chronic, after two good times of going thru that shit. i couldnt fuckin do it no more, it wasnt worth it lol.

lol so yea. thats my explaination.

im so gotdamn bored right now, i could jump out of my fuckin window. just to go to the hospital and have something to fuckin do. gotdamn!


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