Uhmah Park

The Five27 Manuscripts section of my site is now done and avliable for viewing…

yea i know i bullshited on doing it… and that is simply because i am a lazy/busy muhfucka.

i know your asking your self… wow? how can a muhfucka be LAZY and busy at the same time? well… depending on what time of the day you ask me… i might say some shit like… ” im busy at being lazy ” or something along those lines.

but the truth is… ive been working… alot… and i dont have time to do too mucha shit that wont make me any money.

A lil about the Manuscripts.

for those who dont know me too well ( most people ) i do get my write on sometime. i have a ganga shit oh my hard drive to post on there… and eventually… ill do it. but for now… blam…

i still have more to add to that shit….

particularly the bumble bee story. but that is gonna be my next project after i finish my company site… which i am DETERMINE to fuckin finish! im just a tad bit burnt tha fuck out right now. i have to start working 8 hour days… or i wont make it. im gonna try to see about purchasing a PS2 so i can spend some time away from this damn thing ( from one source of raidation to the other huh? ).

i have alot of shit i want to do to this site ( this is not a blogger site for those who didnt damn know… its just a section of the site ) its gonna be pretty damn big once i finish. i have a message board on this shit too ( finially ) but tha shit is ugly, so i have to spiff that up… and i still need a name ( either my friends know im too picky… or they just aint wortha shit when it come to help lol )

lastly… im gonna be redesigning this shit. its gonna take a cool min… well maybe not… i have to get my experiment on, to see if tha shit i wanna do will work for some other shit i have to do that is gonna count!

anyway… thats all.