Uhmah Park

i have an hour to kill… so i figure i might as well post something here instead of SoulCity .

So buss it.

I moved from Los Angeles to a …… well.. shit a different part of LA called Reseda ( in the Valley ). And to be nice about shit, Reseda fuckin sucks. and thats as nice as i can be. Anyway, im here… im basiclly stuck here… every time i try to move… somethin happens… so ive given up.


that all might change very soon, because i live with terrorist ants…. Yes… thats right… terrorist ants. No relation to the Ride or Die Ants who were at my last apt in LA, and used to fuck shit up. These fuckin ants… i dont know… you kill one and they come look for the muthafucka and drag em off. Say your minding your own business… you go to the kictchen… and they have gone nuts and lost thier mind on a DISH… a SINGLE DISH that you put in the sink like 30 min ago. one day i tried to leave my apt… and there was a river of ants RIGHT outside my fuckin door… another time… i was about to hop in the shower… and wash my ass. What do i see? Ants goin all up the wall into the shower door on the base of the shower. And at this point i have to fuckin wonder… my bathroom? there aint SHIT in here for a fuckin ant, no where, ever. what in tha fuck are they doing in my bathroom? i even caught three ants on my fuckin desk. so… i have named these ants, The Taliban Ants; because the muthafuckas got me nervious that shit is crawling on me n shit, and they have terrorized me and syl for the past couple of months.

it aint like we dirty… we have a house cleaning service that comes by ever two weeks. it aint like we got food all over the place… we ( or i ) barely fuckin eat.. and i dont leave food out… i hate that shit. ( lol i used to get my ass kicked for it when i was lilttle lol ). The fuckin Taliban Ants came from no where… for no reason. and it aint just me… these muhfuckas are fuckin with everybody. i even heard the manager say there were coming out the shower head in one apt… now you know that REALLY fucked with me right? i see these shits in the parking garage… i see them muhfuckas in the front… in the back… every gotdamn where.

A terrorist network of Ants have taken over my apartment complex.

The Taliban Ants.