Uhmah Park

No… not Cheaters… that shit is a mobile jerry springer… with proof and a shorter set up to the fight lol

but what im talking about is, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.
that shit there should be called… Disquising a Straight Guy like a Queer Guy. Ive watched this shit a couple of times… not all the way thru… and there were hella jokes being cracked during the show… and other shit going on… so, ill admit i havent payed all that much attention. But so far… it looks like these gay dudes are dressing these straight dudes up to look like them…. A buncha gay guys! not only dress them up like gay dudes… but they train them in the arts of fruitivity. And then… thier females be all impressed? what kinda shit is that?

me personally… i feel that they are going about it all wrong!

the REAL muthafuckas they should have up there… are some male prostitutes! or casanova type muthafuckas… some playas or some shit…. Max Julian lol….. Them is the fools that know how to dress to actract WOMEN! them is the muhfuckas that know what to do to romance a WOMAN! knows how to treat a WOMAN!

i guess tho… some muhfuckas can use all the help they can get… even if it is a tad bit misdamnguided lol
i dont have that problem… so i dont know loll


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