Uhmah Park

King Juave = JD. Big Juave = OJ
I’d explain the names, but fuck it, i dont feel like it right now. Im too busy laughing at this shit.

if you know somebody with food stamps, and you think you want to use them… please consider the following lol

and just incase you didnt read the title right. Yes… it usually is PROS and CONS… but in this case… its just PRO and CONS. (JD’s Joke)

oh, and just incase you need a point of reference… http://www.ebtproject.ca.gov/ … there you go lol

KingJuave: nigga over here trying to swindle food stamps off people
Big Juave: LMAO WHAT?
Big Juave: lol nigga you know you cant use them shits right?
KingJuave: nigga, you aint down with the 2 for 1?
KingJuave: nigga i cant
Big Juave: or do you have a wic card your self?
KingJuave: nah
KingJuave: youhave someone just use they wic card, and then pay them upon leaving said store
Big Juave: yea i been through that before lol
KingJuave: 2 weeks of groceries, 65 bucks! woo
Big Juave: shits wack lol
Big Juave: LMAO
Big Juave: this nigga
KingJuave: shit not to me
Big Juave: well its wack that i gotta hang out with people that have food stamps just to use food stamps
KingJuave: I mean i had to do the shopping anyway, I just need this nigga with me to swipe her card
KingJuave: LMAO
KingJuave: well i feel you there
KingJuave: ideally Id like for it not to matter,
Big Juave: not that i wouldnt if i had to
KingJuave: but it does
KingJuave: Redistribution of wealth, if food stamps qualifies as wealth
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!!
Big Juave: cant argue that lol
KingJuave: I know i couldnt do it though, if they still had them big ass stamps that look like chinese currency
Big Juave: LMAOL!!!
Big Juave: in the food stamp books n shit lol
Big Juave: nigga, thats the only think ive EVER been able to do
KingJuave: right nigga
KingJuave: nah nigga
KingJuave: I aint never fucked with those lol
Big Juave: really does beat hanging out with that county recipient lol
KingJuave: luckily by the time i got on my own , and was buying all my own groceries they had the EBT cards crackin by then
KingJuave: lol
KingJuave: LMAO @ Hanging out with people who get food stamps!~
Big Juave: we used to buy food stamps offa uncle june
Big Juave: then when they changed all the gotdamn rules
KingJuave: Cocaine is a hell of a drug
Big Juave: i actually had to roll with that nigga to the store
KingJuave: LMAO
Big Juave: last time that shit happen lol
KingJuave: well you know what thats different
KingJuave: LMAO
KingJuave: nigga id be pissed if i had to go WITH that nigga to the store
Big Juave: exactly
Big Juave: aint like imma just give the nigga a list of shit i need
KingJuave: like nigga, if i give you alist , you think you can manage?  hmm, on second thought, fuck! nevermind, I dont know how im going to get out of this
KingJuave: LMAO!
KingJuave: funny you should mention!
Big Juave: who knows what will happen in between there and me getting my shit
KingJuave: exactly what i was thinking
Big Juave: lmao
KingJuave: like nigga, even if you tell then nigga, “go buy all this shit” ill give you the cash when you get back
Big Juave: nigga might take 5 hours to come back
KingJuave: right!~
Big Juave: and all my shit is defrosted
Big Juave: and the nigga still want his doe
KingJuave: then comeback with half of the shit you asked for and it be cheap
Big Juave: oh, and then there is that problem lol
Big Juave: nigga buy me all clearance food or some shit
KingJuave: then he try and act like he lost the receipt and then over charge you
Big Juave: i aint gonna even understand
Big Juave: YES!
KingJuave: Nigga will then try and tell you he didnt get the groceries from the 99 cent store
Big Juave: RIGHT!
Big Juave: everything in black bags tho
KingJuave: and the only reason he got 99 cent store bags, is becasue The grocery store ran out
KingJuave: LMAO!
Big Juave: exactly
Big Juave: lol
KingJuave: I see he gets even less credit than the 99 cent store!
KingJuave: black bags
KingJuave: liek he shopped at the liquor store!
KingJuave: well
KingJuave: shit
Big Juave: LMAO!
Big Juave: RIGHT!
KingJuave: nevermind makes sense
KingJuave: one stop shop
Big Juave: i remember the liquor store used to take food stamps nigga
KingJuave: liquor, drugs, and well a portion of the shit on the list
Big Juave: you just couldnt buy liquor with that shit lol
KingJuave: yes nigga!
KingJuave: they all do now!
Big Juave: word?!
Big Juave: LOL
KingJuave: plastered in teh window, “We now accept EBT”
Big Juave: i thought they stoped
Big Juave: DAMMIT!
KingJuave: nah nigga
Big Juave: nigga… you can tell we live in different areas
KingJuave: if there is an iota of grocery in there, they accept that shit
Big Juave: because i havent seen that shit ever lol
KingJuave: yea and i doubt you would
KingJuave: “EBT?
KingJuave: what kinda government agency is that?
Big Juave: nevermind
Big Juave: i have seen that shit
Big Juave: it was in the middle of the valley lol
Big Juave: not up here lol
KingJuave: LMAO
Big Juave: i am tempted to go down to the corner and see tho lol
KingJuave: Im wiaiting for them to accept EBT at fast food joints
Big Juave: LMAO!
Big Juave: that would be the fucking guts!
KingJuave: but only for items on the value memnu lol
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: even stores got in on the ebt craze
Big Juave: nigga that means you could get away with paying some random crack head 50 cent for two apple pies
KingJuave: you can get cash instead of using the food stamps on your EBT
KingJuave: but you get substantially less cash value then you do food value
Big Juave: WHAT?!?!
KingJuave: LMAO
Big Juave: WHERE?!?!
KingJuave: a lot of places
KingJuave: im pretty sure its pretty standard wtih EBT now
Big Juave: wow nigga
Big Juave: they are just pushing crack down niggas throats lol
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: its like the nerve ofa nigga on EBT asking for “cash back” at the end of purchase
KingJuave: lol
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!
Big Juave: OH SHIT!!!!!
Big Juave: TIME OUT!
Big Juave: thats the other option thats not debit?!?!!?
KingJuave: A POS machine reads your EBT card and allows you to buy food with your food stamp benefits. If you have cash benefits on your EBT card, you can buy food or non-food items with your cash benefits and get cash back with your cash benefit purchases at some stores. Some stores may also allow you to get cash at a POS machine without a purchase
KingJuave: yea nigga
KingJuave: Debit
KingJuave: Credit
Big Juave: WOW!
KingJuave: Other
KingJuave: lol
Big Juave: naw nigga ive actually seen EBT
KingJuave: nigga they trying to take teh shame out of it
Big Juave: and ive hit that shit hella times thinking it was debit lol
KingJuave: LMAO
KingJuave: LMAO
KingJuave: LMAO
KingJuave: yea well it usually says Other/EBT
KingJuave: but i figured that was just out where i lived
Big Juave: ah!
Big Juave: naw nigga
Big Juave: ive seen that every where lol
KingJuave: this nigga been pushing that shit!
KingJuave: LMAO
Big Juave: so i guess you are right lol
KingJuave: LMAO!
Big Juave: ive seen that shit at fuckin lowes
KingJuave: dont try to make more than 4 cash withdrawals in one month though
KingJuave: cuz thats over the limit
KingJuave: LMAO
Big Juave: oh no?
KingJuave: nigga for what!
KingJuave: the candy they have in the checkout line!
Big Juave: who knows nigga

Big Juave: nigga imma have to paste this convo on my blogger
Big Juave: The Pros and Cons of Using EBT If You Arent On Goverment Assistance
KingJuave: shit the Pros are you get even better rateson groceries than even teh EBT recipent
KingJuave: thats about it, the financial gain as far as Pros go
Big Juave: im just saying
Big Juave: thats the title of the blogger entry nigga
KingJuave: so label it the Pro, and Cons
KingJuave: right, Pro and Cons
Big Juave: no… its that long ass title lol
Big Juave: OH
KingJuave: well
Big Juave: PRO!
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!
KingJuave: its still inaccurate
KingJuave: as their are no Pros
KingJuave: just a single ass pro
Big Juave: llmao
Big Juave: right
Big Juave: i see it now lmao
Big Juave: LMO@!!!!!!
KingJuave: Cons
KingJuave: You might have to hang out with a stereotypical reciepent of EBT
KingJuave: which turst me, if you dont understand the problem with this, your probably on EBT
KingJuave: and your the stereotype
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!!!
KingJuave: Con 2, you might have to hangout with said individual, more than just at the grocery store when trying to shop.  You might have to actaulyl qualify as a friend in this persons eyes.  Which means you could be spending time with this person, while not benefitting from THEIR EBT card
KingJuave: Con 3
Big Juave: lol nigga
KingJuave: If the EBT recient is a girl, everybody int eh store, especially the checker, will think that is your girlfriend, and you are in a EBT/Welfare ass relationship
Big Juave: what if they ask you to take them to the crack house or to the mall to spend the cash you just gave them for all your food lol
KingJuave: Nigga
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!!
KingJuave: its a long list
KingJuave: we have just begun
Big Juave: i know nigga lmao
KingJuave: Im just tryingt o assit in making sure its thourough
KingJuave: but we wouldve gotten there trust me
Big Juave: lol naw i already pasted it up lol
KingJuave: Oh
Big Juave: LMAO
KingJuave: well
KingJuave: Maybe illcomment with any thing you already missed
Big Juave: LOL
KingJuave: Con 4
KingJuave: You as the non EBT recipient, will probably not be dressed as a regular EBT recipient, and will feel as though you are being looked at like a thief by grocery store employees, giving you the uneasy “are these niggas gonna report me or something?” feeling
Big Juave: LMAO
Big Juave: i REFUSE nigga lol
KingJuave: LMAO!
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: how the fuck did I know, when i typed that I was thinking, “this nigga is gonna know exactly what im talkin about”
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!!!!!!
KingJuave: liek they wanna just bust a spotlight on you and announce over the intercom “These niggas are perpetuating EBT fraud in lane 4, EBT fraud icurrently going on in lane 4”
Big Juave: lmao you know?!!?
Big Juave: or just call the manager on your ass and they dont let you leave with the food
KingJuave: RIGHT!
KingJuave: nigga, feels liek you abotu to get caught up on some kinda credit card scheme

KingJuave: Further Cons, said EBT reciepent has a 70% chance of not having a car, meaning you will be the driver, but you will be going to their EBT receiving neighborhood
KingJuave: This neighborhood tha you will eb shoppin in, will clealry not have the quality you are used to in your neighborhood!
KingJuave: sot he trick is convincing said EBT’er to go shopping closer to your neighborhood, where you trust the produce a little more
KingJuave: however,
KingJuave: said EBT’er never thinks the monetary exchange for EBT privledges is enough
KingJuave: Your EBT reciepent will probably request, a ride to go spend their newly acquired cash
KingJuave: Milk and Dairy chillin in the car for inordinate amounts of time be damned!
Big Juave: exactly nigga lol fuck that lol
KingJuave: this muthafucka wanna take you to the hood,“real quick”
Big Juave: nigga…
Big Juave: i automatically think real quick means 3 hours
KingJuave: if you get no definite time frame “real quick” is not real quick
Big Juave: i dont care who it is nigga
KingJuave: right!
KingJuave: taht three horusis real quick compared to 24 hours in a day
KingJuave: and
Big Juave: right….
KingJuave: it is reql quick, considering it wouldve took them 5 hours to get to said place by fot or bike, or whatever mthod they normally use
Big Juave: its amazing how the most unsuspecting people will try to hit you with that logic too…
Big Juave: oh nigga
KingJuave: usually waiting on the crackhead who does havea bucket to make it to they house so they can carpool to the “seedy neighborhoods”
Big Juave: what about when you gotta go to they house and wait for them to get ready?
KingJuave: Hmm
KingJuave: I aint never had taht problem
Big Juave: lucky you nigga
KingJuave: usually in an EBT situation involving cash in hand, they be waiting on you!
KingJuave: soemtimes you gotta go inthe house, for a hot minute and endure that old “Ghetto smell”
KingJuave: and then you get to take a look in they kitchen, and think
Big Juave: exactly lol
KingJuave: “damn i almost feelbad for using this nigga card, obviously they need food in this bitch!”
KingJuave: how can they afford to seel these insteadof using them?
KingJuave: *shoulder shrug*
Big Juave: nigga the old ghetto smell is oddly comforting… in an… ahh.. this reminds me of old times, but let me get the fuck out of here because of that same reason
Big Juave: LMAO!!! never had that problem lmao
Big Juave: or… i never thought that…
KingJuave: lol
KingJuave: I have,
Big Juave: i just cross niggas houses off places to eat at
KingJuave: like damn, you really wanna sell these instead of purchase, well, food?
KingJuave: LAMO!
KingJuave: LMAO, I would never eat in said house, or accept a meal from one
Big Juave: right
Big Juave: them is niggas you dont invite to potlucks lol
KingJuave: right, or keep tabs on what they bring if you do
KingJuave: cuz the people can be cool
KingJuave: but dont mean you wanna eat what they brought
Big Juave: LMAO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!
KingJuave: first of all where did you get that from, i used your EBT up
Big Juave: you be at the table like … umm who made this?
KingJuave: second, where did you cook that at?
KingJuave: right
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!! RIGHT!!!!
KingJuave: stickin little red stickerson certain pots you wanna stay away from
KingJuave: nigga liek the star of david
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!!!!!!
KingJuave: just markin up “undesirables”
Big Juave: Scarlet letter n shit lmao
KingJuave: soup nazi
Big Juave: oh nigga… dont forget ALL the excuses you will hear in between going from where you at
Big Juave: to the store
Big Juave: and back
Big Juave: and if you run across somebody who is good with theres nigga… they will make you go to where they need to go FIRST…
Big Juave: because they doing YOU a favor
KingJuave: yes nigga, like you being they taxi driver is all part of the fuckin deal, and its assuemd thats the case
Big Juave: LMAO!
Big Juave: right!! LMAO
KingJuave: “Oh yea!”
KingJuave: gotrdamn it, did this nigga just say “Oh Yea!”
Big Juave: and being that you have become a taxi driver, that means its ok for them to unload all they problems bullshit and lofty retarded ass dreams off on you, like you care. lol
KingJuave: right
KingJuave: like the im gonnna own a business
KingJuave: without even a GED
Big Juave: lmao right
KingJuave: but tahts only if they gave up they rap dream
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
KingJuave: cuz you could also hear “Can you drop me at the studio?”
Big Juave: LOL RIGHT!!! LMAO
KingJuave: whccih consist of the homies house, wh waas able to come up on some equipment
KingJuave: oh god
Big Juave: LMAOLMAO!!!
KingJuave: heaven forbid they want you to “listen to this track”
Big Juave: RIGHT!
Big Juave: lmao dont let a nigga have a cd on em n shit lol
KingJuave: exactly
KingJuave: nigga
Big Juave: because, fuck what you listening to. even tho you driving…
Big Juave: peep this track i been workin on
KingJuave: they ask you to listen to it, while thr already in the motion of taking your shit out
Big Juave: LMAO !!! RIGHT%!!!!
KingJuave: Nigga this shit is straight fire
Big Juave: LMAO
KingJuave: and your stitting over there, “no its not”
KingJuave: or thinking
KingJuave: “nigga you dont do any of this?”
Big Juave: lol thinking… it is until i get this food
KingJuave: LMAO!@
Big Juave: dont forget about the muhfuckas going back to school
KingJuave: yae nigga, some courtesy head nods
KingJuave: nigga
KingJuave: you mean the niggas, bout to register
Big Juave: LMAO
Big Juave: right…
Big Juave: some kinda school
KingJuave: All these bitches said person, is crackin
Big Juave: barber school… make up school… real estate school…
KingJuave: if its a bitch, she talkin about going to cosmotolgy school
KingJuave: or
KingJuave: school to “become a nurse”
Big Juave: hair school
Big Juave: lol right!
Big Juave: nursing fucking school lol
KingJuave: LMAO!
KingJuave: like buitch, if you become a nurse, I know you would only get hired at the county building
Big Juave: and thats why they selling you these food stamps because they tyring to pay for school
Big Juave: lmao hiring from with in lol
KingJuave: which is fine by me, czu i will never windup there, and damn sure wouldnt want you to put your medical expertise gained through “American Career Academy” to use on me
Big Juave: LMAO!
Big Juave: LMAOJMLMAO!!!!
KingJuave: Bith what!
KingJuave: they dont even have school, or even a tech in thier name?
Big Juave: yea they learned all about viens before they got to nursing school
Big Juave: one way or another…
KingJuave: Pre printed diplomas and shit, where they just white out old names and shit
KingJuave: LMAO!@
KingJuave: if they cant do shit else, they can find a vein on yo ass
Big Juave: LMAO!
Big Juave: dont forget about the muhfuckas who start telling you all they business for no reason
KingJuave: LMAO@
Big Juave: who stay in bullshit because they kids is bad
KingJuave: Allt hey fuckin problmes you cant, nor will you ever identify with
Big Juave: or because they significant other be on some bullshit
Big Juave: LMAO RIGHT!
KingJuave: this is a lto of fuckin cons, for taht one Pro
Big Juave: im having a hard time thinking of shit ive even heard lol
KingJuave: right
Big Juave: thats why i dont fuck with it nigga lol
KingJuave: im trying not to!
Big Juave: LMAO!!!!!
KingJuave: luckily i deal with people that I dont have to deal with all these issues
Big Juave: lucky you nigga
KingJuave: Nigga its straight to the store and home
Big Juave: every thing i said came from some kind of experience or second hand experience lol
KingJuave: yea ngiga, mine too
KingJuave: but fortunatly taht aint the case now
KingJuave: but it was on Shamrock
Big Juave: LMAO!
Big Juave: nigga i bet it was lol
KingJuave: fuck, everyplace i lived in Rialto as a matter of fact
Big Juave: LMAO!
KingJuave: just liek im srue you realzied most of these issues while int eh Fo
Big Juave: right lol
Big Juave: dont forget, i got hella family from san bernardino too
Big Juave: and transplants from when we first moved out to fontana lol
KingJuave: well yea, I mean to encompass the whole general area
Big Juave: like oh its nice out here!
Big Juave: oh
Big Juave: nigga…
Big Juave: and then there was lonnie
KingJuave: convo closed!

… we would talk about lonnie. but that will lead to a nigga having to smoke for the wrong reasons. so we are just gonna end it there. becuase while we are STILL talking about that nigga. Im not trying to come back later and relive nothing but the jokes! lol


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