Uhmah Park

Have you ever been walking around some where in a store…. Say… Walmart, and youre minding youre own damn bidness… then out of now where a very pungent aroma invades the thresholds of your nostril, like the US at the Iraqi border?!?!? Rendering your face into a very unflattering pose, leaving you embarrass as fuck because usually, walmarts are super crowded… all though you were on that isle by your self, SOMEBODY is gonna pass by about every 3 to 7 seconds or so…. so this random somebody passes this seemingly normal isle, unaware of the funk that has you surrounded! so here you are, the unfortunate victim of an ungodly smell and a fucked up ass face… and they stop and look at you for a split second, like ummmmmm. so now… not only have your nostril been hi-jacked by a transparent fog of death but some random person now thinks there is something wrong with you.

you my friend have become a victim of the Poot Phantom! unfortunate it is really…. you were minding youre own fuckin bidness, you didnt deserve to inhale gases, that in a concentrated form could make jesus cuss. No! who deserves that? really?

So, who is this Aroma Terrorist that goes by the name of the Poot Phantom!?!?! Well, its some asshole really… who was walking around Walmart, just like you were… except ths person has REALLY bad gas! But, unlike you… an upstanding shopper with morals, decentantcy and a healthy conscience… this muthafucka here will let loose the gases that have been bubbling up in their intestinal tracks for who knows HOW long… and release them on the populist, with no fair warning! just BAD AIR for you homie! this muthafucka wont just poot, be ASHAMED like they should be, and try to fan the shit to thin the shit out… NO! this frindger of nose hairs is fair too insensitive and fucked up for all that shit! they are gonna LEAVE that shit to linger as long as possible so you get the FULL taste and experience of what it would be like to have your whole head shoved up they stankin ass! And sometimes…. SOMETIMES this Gastly Villian will leave their mark with YOU… STANDING RIGHT THERE!!! lookin thru some shit… not really getting a clear look at them…. let loose their tool of social disorder and fuckin BOUNCE something cold around a corner. Getting their twisted gratification when they are on the next isle and they hear some shit such as ” Oh my!” … Or… ” WOOOOOO” … ” Gotdamn! ” and the favorite… ” Mommy, aahhhh it stinks! “. Ha ha ha… yes… the Poot Phantom has another victim under his bel……….. WHAT? what is this?!? No… dont bend down and look for something on that lower shelf!!! The Poot Phantom is lurking!! Sweet Jesus man!! Save your self… you dont know what youre up against. The Phantom is a cold hearted fucked up ass person… if youre ass level around the phantom he will lurk and lurk until those gases in his/her stomach, they MIGHT be super fucked up and push on their stomach to induce aroma fall out. But its the Poot Phantom, so he WILL deliver!!! And when he does… that poor unsuspecting soul will be forced to endure the grim stink of the Poot Phantom at GROUND ZERO!! some shit that can fuck up a muthafucka WHOLE Day lol.

The Poot Phantom can be either male or female…. but usually is male. some fucked up ass person… who thinks that shit is hella funny. his line of thinking is ” well shit… i have gas anyway… imma pass this shit anyway… why not have some fun with it. Instead of being lame and embarrassed!”

to make a long story short… if you see me at walmart… go the other direction because i am heartless. lol


i have a few announcements, which are the following:

if you did not know… there is a new STG episode… check it out

i am trying out some shit called W.Bloggar. its a desktop blogging utility… im liking it so far… you can upload pictures thru it and everything, which REALLY cracks for a lazy nigga like me. i also downloaded, Zempt, which i havent used yet… ( which is the same shit as w.bloggar ). but it doesnt seem as live. I also downloaded this so i could get my……………………………. spell check on… yes thats right.. some of you people ( Assholes ) can not see past misspellings…. so when im not feeling super lazy… i might get my spell check on. Besides… i do want to improve my spelling… its just most of the time i dont care lol. When i spell some shit out a couple of times… i usually learn how to spell it from there. like the word Comfortable. SEE!

anyway… speaking of being able to upload pictures… im going to get my photoblog on… and display some of my photos. im not great or anything. but some people actually like my photos. ( i do too actually lol ). i actually BROKE my camera… and i have to get me a new one… i have my eye on a digital SLR ( the new Cannon Digital Rebel -6.3 mega pixel ), but that shit is 1300 dollars! I WILL have it eventually have it… but imma get me a lil 4 megapixel. im looking at the waterproof olyumpus. they said it can also resist dust…. which im thinking includes sand… and hopefully mexican sand! because thats how my last digital camera parished unfortunately. i wont be taking any more pictures till i cop the new shit.

thas all thas it no more. im tired..


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