Uhmah Park

If you dont know who or what the poot phantom is… click here and be informed before you go any further.

so… i was in the grociery store the other day. minding my own damn bidness… going isle by isle and i hit the corner or the isle with all the sauses n shit and WHAM! Ambushed by an aroma that can only be discribed as “Flaglarantly Unholy” ATTACKED my nostrils with ruthless aggression! I jerked my neck back like a muhfucka was trying to swing on me. ?What in the fuck?!?!? GOOD LORD! what a pungent stinch!!” i say to my self. who possibly could have left such a dasterdly smell in isle 8?
The Poot Phantom! thats who! O’ Ye leaver of unclaimed flatulance caused me to curse out loud! “Gotdamn! somebody ass is dead on the inside!” a quick look around after my yelp caused no one in the immediate area to snicker or look remotely responsible, so i shake my fist in fustration! i have been victimized by The Poot Phantom!

However! I shall have my revenge 10 fold. oh yea! revenge shall be mine!


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