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The Philadelphia Eagles: The Come Back – FTL!!

image Poor Donovan. I actually like Donovan McNabb, although he has absolutely no real Grit. Which is a crying ass shame, because he is pretty damn good. I have to admit, I left at half time of this game, to catch an Ikea sale. Fuck it, they were getting their asses kicked. I didnt possibly think they could show any heart in the second half. Low and behold, I come back and find out these fools actually managed to take the lead. By a stinking ass point.They basically shut down the Cards in the 3rd quarter. What happen in the 4th quarter though? Couldnt finish strong. Lost the damn game. Gotdamn shame.

All those Philly fans out there, so damn dis bonded during the first half, as the Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerld put there respective foots up the philly D’s ass. It seemed like all hope was lost come half time. Missed field goals n shit. But of course, Philly fans are fucking crazy, so Im more than sure, EVERY LAST ONE, was just fucking CERTAIN that they were gonna make a come back in the second half. And goonie goo goo me, they did! By a point. Only to give up that one point lead, in the 4th quarter. Game winning time. Oh the double heart break!! FTL!!!