Uhmah Park

First off I would like to say that I have a natural disdain for Notre Dame. I love to see them struggle and lose over and over again (although I did fall asleep on this game). So them starting off 0 – 3 is super fuckin great. Not only are they winless but touchdownless. Dont know how a “great offensive” coach is able to pull that one off 3 games into a season, but alright lol. Oh, and yea, fuck that guy too. He came from the patriots, and I hate them muthafuckas too. I wont even start talking about those CHEATING muthafuckas right now lol.

But I wanted to make a special effort to name todays game between Notre Dame and Michigan, “The Pathetic Bowl”. Two 0 – 2 teams, with a storied very hyped past going head to head to see which one is truely the most pathetic. And I wouldnt really be making this effort to pick on Michigan like this if it wasnt the homie Theo’s team, for one. And for two, they started off the season, ranked what? 5?? Some shit? I love to see the over hyped fall. They got their asses handed to them in the Rose Bowl with a slow ass team and a suspect D. And this year their defense couldnt be worse lol. Oh boy. lol

But good for Michigan for not being the most pathetic of the two. Honestly Id rather see Notre Dame go winless. But, lets keep things in perspective. This really only means that Appalachian State will come in and put a foot in Notre Dames ass. They should collectively feel good about that lol.

Oh boy its gonna be terrible to see USC play them lol. Shit aint gonna be fair at all lol.

I think the most interesting question in all of this is, Who else can Michigan beat? I havent checked out their schedule but I’d go out on a ledge and say a team with out a great defense. And maybe the offense can outscore the other offense, and they can get another win up there. lol

I feel sorry for Mike Hart, he’s pretty damn good. So are a few other people on the offense. But it stops about there, as far as talent goes on that team. Oh well. Excuse me, as I get back to routing for the Trojans, thank you.