On GP (General Purposes) The Pampered Black Man

The Pampered Black Man

Reading “pampered black man” youre probably thinking some shit like this shit to the left. But I assure you. I live in LA, its never cold enough to dress like that, and I still have anxiety from the gang problem we used to have out here, there aint no way in the FUCK id roll around with bright red gloves on lmao. The Umbrella and Jacket is dope tho. I dont wear hats either lol.

But anyway… The homie, Yong thinks he’s the guts (he is) and he has dubbed me “The Pampered Black Man”, due a mildly popular opinion that OJ is boughie.

Whatever. If insisting on purchasing quality shit Im able to afford is boughie, then I guess Im boughie.
Cheap fast food hurts my stomach, I cant help if the shit hurt. Pain is pain and its not in my fucking head, its in my stomach, im sure of it because thats the shit thats hurting. asshole lol. (ive been told that like 4 times). If insisting that I do nigga shit on my own terms makes me boughie lol. Then fuck it, Im boughie … whatever. Yes I bump my music hella loud in my car in whom evers neighborhood at any time of the day. But no I do not eat watermelon. I really dont like that shit… plus it attracts flies. And I REALLY fucking hate flies. For the record I dont think watermelon is nasty, I just dont think it taste great. Id rather drink water. Fuck it. Foreal. Its the same shit damn near, sans flies nigga gotdamn.

For a while, I used to refuse to fuck with subway. But I think niggas seem to forget I used to work at subway (Not JD though, he has plenty to say about it im sure). So Ive had my fair share of subway. Fucking plenty in fact lol. But for a while, I actually never got tired of it. Then… I was introduced to quiznos and togos… while I dont like togos, I will agree that it cracks a little bit more than subway. So, a nigga like me figures, why go to subway if I can go to quiznos and eat better?! psh, fuck the dumb. Subway is a bit over priced as it is for what it is (used to be lol). I have to pass TWO subways to get to the closest quiznos to my house. Which I do often lol. This was back before subway started toasting they’re sandwiches though. I tried the toasted joints when they first started with em, but I still really refuse to fuck with subway when there is something so much better out there.

But then… 5… 5 dolla… FIVE DOLLAR FOOT LONGS!?! Nigga are you serious? Thats way too much of a deal. A Subway sandwich is definitely worth 5 bucks. Thats a healthy meal for five bucks, you really cant beat that. Shit, the shit costing 5 bucks damn near make it taste a little bit better than before lol. SO recently I have rekindled the flame with an old favorite. The foot long turkey sandwich on wheat. No bell peppers, please and thank you. And eventually hopefully at some point, ill be rekindling a flame with my all time favorite ;-). Have I not fucked with quiznos since the special and catchy ass song. Well I would, but that shit is far lol. But yea I have, just not as much because I have to pass that subway… my truck always turns that way, I dont know what it is. lol.

Good Nite… on my 800 thread count sheets on my Cali King bed lol. MMMMMMMMMM You know what, I think these sheets feel a little bit better because they cost like 500 bucks, but I came up on em for 80 dollars on the macys merger sale a while back. Aint nothing like the come up! No matter what, Im never too good for a come up lol. I have nice shit, but I hardly ever pay full price. lol thats dumb lol

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What a buncha fuckery. nigga stop lyin. you walk around with your pinky in the air. you ONLY eat at quiznos and you frown upon any pocket pinching minion who dare strut their non-designer sneakers into a ho-hum Subway. you ONLY wear designer shit. you wear cologne just to walk to the mailbox. you iron your boxers. your eyebrows are naturally waxed. you don’t even have to visit the salon. they grow in just as bougie as your black ass is. You don’t even have hair on your legs. Your legs refuse to grow leg hair, because that would go against your siddity way of living. Your stomach is so bougie you cant even digest fast food. You must always eat at a 20 dollar or more a plate restaurant, and you always request a white waiter so that you may chit chat about the local going’s on in the Wall Street Journal. When you take a shit, it doesn’t even plop. it just slides into the water and folds itself until you’re ready to flush it.

You bougie motherfucker.

This nigga here, 5 dolla subway sammiches crack. FUCK Quizons, i tried Quiznos one time in my life, and that shit sucked, it even looked gross when they were pulling it out of that glorified ez bake oven they have back there.
So I was like fuck that ever since, and then they came up with that dumb ass commercial showing their official mascot was a tepped on rat! What the fuck was that! Then in the same commercial they are showing this stepped on rat, they pull out this sandwich. And it looks as though you are seeing that stepped on rat being baked on a french roll. And thats what you like huh? Stepped on rat sammiches, thats not bougie, thats fuckin wack. Even I think eating rat sammiches is laughable, and I eat, Hound, i mean, chinese food damn near everyday. And you best damn believe i rememberd you workin at subway, i didnt even like subway until you worked there, and I got a free sammich if i gave you a ride home. Toasted Chicken, fuck them bell peppers and hot shit. My bad, lets nto classify this as a job, lets call it exactly what it was,you were a sandwich artist. You were a sandwich artist and footlong honey wheat loaves of bread were your canvas, and my did you a paint a pretty picture. As we have discussed before im sure workign at Subway has really enhanced your persoanl sandwich making skills, so thaks subway for providing oj wiht a skill set he can use his entire life. You need to purchase subway sammiches for all that they have done to enrich your life you bougie muthafucka. You have a beena bougie ass smoker too, cuz i rememebr you would not smoke stress with us back in the day cuz it was all we could afford. That was the only bougieness about you that ever bothered me. *well fuckyouthan, more for me* And resha has a point you do have bougie ass tummy over there. Mr delicate stomach lining. ANd I have seen you request a white waiter, saying somethign about it makes you feel better to boss white people around, you boogie muthafucka, what does it matter the race, theya re nia subserviant position regardless of color, you bougie muthafucka!
the end

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