Uhmah Park

There are several OJ rules…

Rule # 2

DO NOT call my black ass if the time does not have double digits… and 0 IS NOT A DIGIT!!! it is a fucking place holder!
for anybody that is still confused. this means dont call my black ass untill 11 am.
and chances are i will still be blacked out… but my thinking is i should be awake after 11… even on a weekend… the day is wasted after that.

this rule here is constantly fuckin broken by damn near everybody i know. my dad just called me at 9:40am… didnt want shit… that nigga J dubya calls me all the time… BEFORE 11 ( rarely after ) with tech support questions, Marina used to always call my Black ass on the way to school… but saw how fruitless that shit was because i wouldnt pick up the phone half the time… sylvia only wakes me up when its important… OR when she is super bored… which i can let slide sometime… i also get other random calls from other people… and the first thing all these niggas ask me is… ” you sleep? “. everybody knows i work late lol… niggas have no sympathy for me.
but then people wonder why im so damn mean sometime….
ok… im done.


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