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The OJ Rules #2

There are several OJ rules…

Rule # 2

DO NOT call my black ass if the time does not have double digits… and 0 IS NOT A DIGIT!!! it is a fucking place holder!
for anybody that is still confused. this means dont call my black ass untill 11 am.
and chances are i will still be blacked out… but my thinking is i should be awake after 11… even on a weekend… the day is wasted after that.

this rule here is constantly fuckin broken by damn near everybody i know. my dad just called me at 9:40am… didnt want shit… that nigga J dubya calls me all the time… BEFORE 11 ( rarely after ) with tech support questions, Marina used to always call my Black ass on the way to school… but saw how fruitless that shit was because i wouldnt pick up the phone half the time… sylvia only wakes me up when its important… OR when she is super bored… which i can let slide sometime… i also get other random calls from other people… and the first thing all these niggas ask me is… ” you sleep? “. everybody knows i work late lol… niggas have no sympathy for me.
but then people wonder why im so damn mean sometime….
ok… im done.

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yo i feel u on that nigga
and whas worse than that shit is being awaken by a fucken crank call followed by a click.
muthafuckas love to crank call my ass for some reason.

hey whats up oj, just breezing through…yeah i feel your pain…i can deal when people call on a weekday but damn on a weekend thats pretty gully…like damn am i suppose to be up 9am on a saturday watching the news or something…but anyway they should make that a national rule…one luv

here here on that one oj….i almost hate for people to call me at 6 in the evening let alone 7 in the a.m…. i don’t like people calling me at all as a matter of fact….i like to talk on my own terms…in my own timing…not theirs, if i wanna talk, i’ll call you…ol’ callaholics…

O.J. its as simple as cutting off the ringer on your celly or bedroom phone until you get up.. Pratice it.. it works wonders…

Hell I even lower the volume on the answering machine in the living room so i dont hear folks voices.. Hellooooo Hellloooo are u there, I know you’re sleep… pick up the phone..

I’m with Reddy… if I don’t want to talk, I don’t answer… lucky for me I sleep hard enough that the ringing won’t bother me and even if I do happen to hear it I’ll go right back to sleep. Sleep Harder

of course turning shit off would be logical… but if i did… i wouldnt get any sleep
sometimes the calls actually be important.
and a ringing phone bugs the fuck out of me… so it aint like i could just let the shit ring…
oh well

here’s a thought oj: get a separate line for the important (i.e., work) calls and turn the other ringer off.

personally, i’m a huge fan of caller id, and my cell phone has a very handy “reject” option for assholes back east who cannot seem to grasp the concept of time zones…

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