Uhmah Park

Wow, this shit is ugly lol. Oh well. I feel like I have one of the ugliest sites on the internet now lol. Now that it matters, but this shit is kinda killing me lol. Oh well lol

I decided to switch every last inch (for the most part lol) of my site to Expression Engine. While WordPress will always have a special place in my heart, I must move the hell on lol. That shit just doesnt really do what I need it to do. Im a person that needs options. With wordpress, you need a whole bunch of plugins to do shit, and when there is an update, that shit might not work. Its a SUPREME pain in the ass. Also, I have a ton of fucking sites. Do you know how long it takes to update even 6 wordpress sites? Imagine like damn near 20. And if 1 plugin is a bitch to fuck with on 1 site. Must I continue? This shit even has a gallery, and message board. Two other things I can integrate, and not have to update separately. Super great if you ask me.

There are a couple of draw backs. This admin panel time out time is getting on my gotdamn nerves.

But other than that, I basically have a new toy lol.

I was gonna put together a whole new snazzy site and what not. But Im hella busy these days. So fuck it. I wasnt about to just wait around. Well… I kinda was bullshiting. I thought I had time to put together a lil somethin somethin. Nope. Oh well. So this shit is gonna look shitty until I get time to spiffy it up some. Dah well.

I must admit though, I kinda had to prove to my self that I could actually do this. This shit is so ugly. But fuck it lol. Everything doesnt have to be perfect. The other day, for the first time in my life, I actually walked out the house in basketball shorts, and didnt go play basketball. You dont understand, Im a person who will iron a shirt to go to the grocery store. I swear lol.

So, this will stay looking like this, and I’ll fix it when I get time. But I love this shit in the mean time. When I imported everything, my categories got fucked to hell. Dah well. But damn, my archive list is kinda long. I wonder where I would be if I would have been consistent over the last few years.

Lastly, I have snazzed up a expression engine site. There is a new Grey Republic site up. It goes down.


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