Uhmah Park

On Day, Long Long Ago. In Fontana CA.

My father, JD, and my self were sitting in the office of one of our previous residences. my father and jd were passing a joint back and forth, and me? i was chatting, playing the Murder Was The Case Soundtrack. I believe they were smoking stress, and fuck that, i dont fuck with stress at all. i hate that shit. that shit is just plain terrible! so i passed. but anyway… i guess my dad got a lil TOO blowed. because in the middle of the track, Natural Born Killas by Ice Cube and Dr Dre. my dad starts off on some off the wall shit!
it went something like this… it was long time ago… so the detials are sketchy as fuck. but im sure JD will co-sign.

Dad: yea this is my shit… this is the hardest shit! think about this… what if i made some shoes? and i called them, “The Natural Born Killers”!

Me: umm, the what?

Dad: yea… the natural born killers. listen, listen… they would be the hardest shoes out. all the gangsters would buy them! they would be like “yea man! i feel like im the hardest muthafucka on the STREET in my NBK’s! ill take on a WHOLE BUNCHA NIGGAS! ”

JD: yea… ill ride on your whole set in my NBK’S!

Dad: hell yea, i put on my NBK’s and kill a whole lotta niggas!

Me: hell naw! LMAO!!!

Dad: What?! you wouldnt wear them?!?!?

Me: NO!

Dad: even if i made you some? you have to help me promote! JD? you’d wear em right?

JD: *falls out laughing*

Me: yall is blowed.

Dad: naw naw naw… think about it! you wouldnt wear them? wouldnt nobody fuck with you!!

Me: but dont nobody mess with me now.

JD: but niggas would be scared!

Dad: YEA YEA YEA!!! they would be in songs n shit… “i be killin niggas in my NBKs! NBK’s NBK’s! My Natrual Born Killah shoes!” you mean to tell me you wouldnt wear none of them?!!? you trippin man!

at this point… me and jd couldnt take it no more. we fell the fuck out laughin. that shit was the guts… my dad was hella serious. lol that shit was the guts. we still talk about that shit to this day.


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