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Im a male, I love women. I often talk about women with my friends and other males. This scoring system was developed from common factors that Ive heard males from every walk of life. All the special conditions and circumstances. All the points of views, needs and wants of guys every where have been packed and considered in this rating system. If you can find a hole in this system. I dont care. As far as Im concerned, this is the best thing there is and should be used often. Especially on the internet.

The Man League Scoring System is a system that was created for Men to score Women’s physical beauty, from face to feet. hair, eyes, hands, body, feet, legs, lips, teeth all that; as well as how she dresses, or has on at the moment. that shit hella maters! i promise! No personality traits matter in the Man League Scoring System. You dont need to be the best person in the world to be fine. And you can be the ugliest bitch on 2 feet, yet be the greatest person in the world. Things like this should never affect the “Score” of a woman’s physical beauty. I know a couple of guys that try, so thats why it has to be made clear. Only physical/visible¬†attributes are considered.

Yes… i do muthafuckin realize that this could be considered (is) objectifing women just a tad bit (a lot). but to that i say… ¬†SO?! i could honestly give exactly, 5 flying fucks! ive seen females do that shit to dudes more than often. so hey, if you wanna be on that “oh youre objectifying women” shit, kiss my black ass.

So why an offical rating system?
Well, my cousin and i were sitting around one day, waiting on some girl for some bullshit. While waiting around, we were checkin out the girls walkin by and what not;  rating them with the classic numbers. like oh yea, shes a 7. Shes an 8. yap yap yap. then i had a notion. too often, females are given a way higher number than they TRUELY deserve. so yes, call me a kill joy, because i think some of these girls need to know where they truely are; because their attitudes dont reflect thier true rating lol.
Before i get into this, i must also note, its called “League” and “Scoring” because most dudes relate most things to sports. so it cracks. get wit it!

The MLSS, is the rating (“score”) of any given female, with a score ranging between 1 and 100. yes, thats right, plenty of space to place everybody in. Those of you who may happen to share my view point on things; are saying yo your selves “Well damn… some where, some how, some bitch out there is a 1!” LMAO!!! YES! thats about the size of it! and gotdamn i bet she is beyond destitute and depleated of any eye pleasing qualities a muthafucka could possibly possess. gotdamn. lol. yea, thats about the size of it (as my dad often says lol). Actually, now that i think about it. i know of a girl who is a fuckin 4 at best. Errin knows who im talking about. LMAO!!!! gotdamn that muthafucka is beastly!!! she looks like the unholy marriage of a sleestack, an actual troll, and a muthafuckin robot! i swear! the girl is stomach turning ugly. and dont be drunk around her, because fuck; its REAL hard to keep it together and not say no flagrantly foul shit lmao. I was for me, on 3 different occasions.

So here is where we will go over the numbers of this rating system. and what it means. let’s start at the top.

100 – 80:¬†this is usually reserved for¬†celebrities¬†and¬†athlete¬†wives, celebrity wives, and girls that will probably pay you any mind and if they did, you would be REALLY surprised. No matter how tough you think your “swag” is, if Halle Berry was showing you ¬†any attention, you would be in disbelief.¬†if you can pull a female who is pulling off anything between 80 to 100, youre fucking winning. Everybody you know would probably fuck your girl given the¬†opportunity;¬†or if there were circumstances where he could, he would, with out a second thought. Such as: if you wasnt with the girl; or maybe if yall wasnt as cool as yall are, thats your boy and what not, you just cant do it to him; if she would even look your way lol; if she was willing to cheat on the dude she has (that you dont know); you know, shit like that.¬†anybody who is rated an 80+ is certified fine. there aint too many people on this planet that look better than them.

79 – 70: this means the girl¬†basically¬†above average. WHICH IS GREAT AND NOT BAD! This woman is still beautiful. However, you DO have “really above average”; “better than just above average”; and “above average”. This is why 2 above average females could be a 71 or a 78. There is usually alot of debate in this range because there is a difference in these areas. ask any guy, he knows. the girl who is a 71, she is almost dippin into the 60’s range, but not really. like if she didnt have ass, she would be a sixty somethin; something like that. but a girl who is pushing that 78 is still beautiful and DAMN near hella fine, its just something is missing or she got something wrong with her physically, like she got a big ass muthafuckin head or something (something you could get over, most times, and really not even mention; just think in the back of your head some where lol). or maybe shes really fine but she got small tittys or no hips and ass or something. Maybe she has a great body but has an ugly smile. Or maybe should could stand to lose a few pounds. Little shallow shit like that. Things that guys talk about, but never stops (any straight man) from fuckin and being happy with this girl. this girl is still beautiful than a muhfucka. Just nothing SUPER special, like a celebrity or something similar. but she still looks good as hell. a girl in the 70’s, every dudewould be happy with her. and honestly every guy HOPES to get a girl that is around this range lol.

69 – 60: well… here is where things get kinda touchy. now a girl who is in the 60’s range, AINT BAD. aint bad at all. just average. like SUPER average. like if a dude had sex with a girl who is pushin somethin in the 60 range, he aint gonna be mad; but clearly, he can do better! depending on the dude of course lol. some dudes…… well, couldnt pulll anything over a 61, if they wanted to; that would be doing good for them lol, if you know what im saying. i suppose there could be a Womans League Scoring System, or some other varatoin, in which dudes are rated and what not. so you know lol, anyway; this girl aint terrible. but she aint greater than great. things could be better; things could be worse lol. so 60’s aint nothing to really be ashamed of, just know where you are lol; and know what youre upagainst lol, thats all im saying. ¬†You might have to take a couple of extra steps to keep that dude in your life lol lol lol. wooo. moving on.

59 – 50: ha! welcome to the start of a rapid decline! if you can buss a 50 something (as a women), you can definitly buss something way lower lol. if youre in the 50 range. well shit, you just aint the best lookin muhfucka. and youre pushing the ugly line. (44 unoffically). Guys, if youre fuckin with a 50, you might not want to admit that shit to just anybody lol. Maybe only the homies, otherwise, it just doesnt crack. you might get talked about lol. you might not, some dudes would say “well yea… i woulda cut too…”; but sadly everybody cant be that honest. lol these girls usually aint too fly in the face but got something tangable to get you going. Such as, if you like ass abd she got cake! or if you are into titties and she got a cold rack. But, there is generally something wrong with this girl physically or she dresses fucked up or she got a bad weeve lol, fucked up teeth, something. so yea, some dudes wont even DIP into the 50’s.
UNLESS (of course there is an unless!) there is at least ONE special condition! yes, The Special Condition, will get some damn near ugly girl dick she wouldnt normally have the benifit of getting. but for whatever reason, some guy is high, drunk, bored, in the middle of an ass drought, or STUPID horny for some dumb ass reason (like post strip club lol). and if you didnt think bordum will have some dude, fuckin some suspect lookin girl… THINK AGAIN! especially if that man is hella trifflin like that. its a mystery that no one will ever be able to explain. its just a fact holmes.

49-40: and we’re still sliding and well within Ugly range. we have gone with an explaination as low as 40 because, as stated earlier, we need some room to give the many different ranges of females, the¬†appropriate¬†amount of space. so ok, the 40’s range. half of these girls aint ugly. but theyre fucking pushing it. and the other half are indeed ugly (44 and below). and it could be whatever somebody finds ugly, thats just what it is lol. they are what they are. some dudes WILL NOT dip in this area under NO circumstances.
but some dudes (yes… the trifflin train is speeding toward you rapidly!) they have to have AT LEAST a couple of special conditions! Such as: ¬†“i was drunk and bored. so… fuck it. yea, i did it.” If you fuck around and find your self doing some shit like this, normally you only tell your closest friends lol. And maybe not even them.
Or maybe your explaination is something super extrme. Such as: “man… i smoked, went to the club got drunk as fuck… i was still blowed. we went to the strip club, and afterwards… i was up… she was up…. wasnt shit on tv… i was still fucked up… i aint had no ass in a cool min…i got a lap dance earlier… and shit… fuck it. i couldnt help my gotdamn self!!”
lmao!! yes, it could be anywhere from two special conditions, or up to every special condition (some how some way, but trust me. it happens! it happens to the best of us! ¬†lol). youre dirty dickin it, but hey, sometimes… shit, it happens lol.

30 to 1: This is just jokes. you fuck somebody in this area; youre getting talked about, BAD! BAD BAD! these are the muthafuckas that make niggas say shit like “you look like a hungarian battle chicken” (credit JD). or “moon¬†cricket” (credit JD). niggas that fuck with below 30’s, would also fuck a yak or a goat or some shit. i mean fuck, they might as well be, it aint NO muthafuckin better (well, it is… but still!!). these are the mudd ducks. the less than desireables. the all that other shit that is devoid of anything pleasure related.

Thats its for the ratings.

A couple of rules tho. Guys, NEVER never EVER never tell any woman, where you ranked her in the Man League Scoring System. Under no circumstances! only if she is over a 93! and maybe not even then! she will find away to get offended. foreal. if she says she wont, shes fucking lying! and fuck, why take a gotdamn chance?!?! youre better off playing it safe. she WILL get over it. and if she dosent, you probably dont need that draining ass bitch in your life no muthafuckin way! real shit! lol.
Also, NEVER tell a dude the score of his girl. its just best you keep that shit to your self. and you niggas that are married; dont fucking ask. because if i tell you the truth and youre mad. well fuck. if you call the fuckin devil, dont be mad when that muthafucka pick up the gotdamn phone. really!
oh yea! if you plan on lying to some girl about her score? dont do it!!! you will either have not so attractive girl suck on you, who thinks that YOU think she is finer than she really is. So now youve lived to this girl; ¬†now youre in a spot where you dont wanna be in! or in the case of the homie Leon,¬†youre gonna set some girl up to face a firing squad, with big guns and bullets filled with truth and dipped in reality! This would really suck for this girl youve selfishly mislead; and you would be responsible for this girls downtrotten mental state. lol especially if me or jd or rj or d’artist or somebody like that is around lol. it aint gone be pretty. because neither is she and it would have to be spoke on, at some point, out loud, in a humorous manor, with total disregard for said girls feelings. Niggas aint shit lol.
Since this shit is sports related and this scoring system is set up on opinion and opinion only. alot of times, you can take a couple of guys scores and average them out. because every guy dont think the same. like take me for instance. in some circumstances, there is no way a woman is getting over an 80 from me. Some things I refuse to compromise on. Every one has their thing. I certainly have mine. I wont list them, because I know women who will read this a few times to gauge where they are and arent, according to me. I know this, because I had to re-write this entry, sans detailed opinion of what I will and wont do lol.
So yea, my 76 can be another mans 87. just depends on what the guy likes.

With our scoring system, you can take the different “scores” from dude to dude, then average them out; and you have which ever girls average score. And thats what she is according to any given group of males. sometimes, you might have to take a nigga score and adjust that shit some. i have a friend who actually likes him some “heffalumps”. so, of course his score usually comes with some kinda handicap. nothing against him; not really lol. It just be like that sometimes.

so there you have it. The Man League Scoring System (MLSS). now girls can get a very accurate rating and guys can give other dudes the skinny on a girl with a reliable system that makes sense.

there it is!

Yea, im waiting on the “OJ, youre so fucked up” blah blah blah blah shit. dah! blow it out your fricken pie hole! i dont give a fuck, honestly. oh yea, lets not forget the “youre not that cute anyway… why you talkin shit?!!?”, my answer? bitch because i can. fuck you! if i looked like you (10 out 10 times a girl who says something alonge these lines is lacking through and through)… id still talk shit. now what?

Go forth! Spread the word! This system has been used by my friends and associates and it works. It works for males every where. These are simple guidelines that every male can relate to and understand. And as a male, if you cant, something is wrong with you. I promise you that. Even gay guys can use this system. For women and men a like!

Lastly I would like to say thank you to everybody that applied to be my designated driver. We are still accepting applications. lol nothing against the current applicants at all. but we want to give everybody a chance to apply lol.

Before i get end this, speaking of blowed, JD (star of the world famous bumble bee story) has created a blogger on this site. when i get that nigga the info he needs, ill link it and you can enjoy the shit he has to say; which will actually include a rebuttle to the bumble bee story (yes lol). i cant really comprehend how he could possibly have a fucking rebuttle. but according to him he does.



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