Uhmah Park

In High School, we had a homeboy who we named Black Ice. We damn near dont know how to call this man by his real name. Its just Black Ice. And here is the story, presented by my cousin RJ

As it turns out, the nigga that called me was the homie Wendell who actually directed the very commercial we were talking about. I forgot all about it and kicked that nigga off the phone. my bad. I got this email from Dell the next day after I posted this to YouTube:


shit was fantastic!

nigga we had multiple commercials. the one with lonnie was great, i was the director. we had another i did with us doing like a drug deal in the parking lot. i had niggas in long ass leather coats and shaheed was holding a briefcase trying to look as buff as possible. niggas came up to the drug deal and was like, “u got the shit?”. heed opened the briefcase and it had a bottle of black ice beer in it! then the slogan came on… “Black Ice, itll make u want to jump your ass in the pool.”

i wish someone had all that shit!!!!!!!!!! i remember dying in the rooms in vegas coming up with slogans. i was actually the voice of the slogan. this shit brings back tears of guttyness!!!!!!!!!!!

that youtube video had me dying!

good shit nigga. GREAT memories!

Great Memories INDEED!