Uhmah Park

this has been a muthafucka of a month for a nigga.
( this could be long… just a warning. muhfuckas was complaining last time )

lets review the last seven days.

why the last seven? because today is monday…
but seven ays ago began Gemini Season ( May 21st )
( thought yall was gonna escape this shit this year huh? FUCK NO! )
yes… thats right… gemini season…
what is gemini season you ask?
well… gemini season is the part of the year in which every gemini celerbrates thier respective coming abouts. its also ( obviously ) the time in which new gemini babies are birthed into this world and begin blessing thier respective care takers with thier being, and forth coming greatness that goes along with being a Gemini ( enough hype for you yet? ). for those who arent geminis… this is the time of the year to show you favorite geminis ( you cant have just one… lol ) how much you apperciate them being in your life by showering them with expensive or meaningful gifts. all those who refuse to comply… well… we can be a mean bunch…. so failure to partake in gemini season could fuck up your whole shit for a long time lol.
You gotta love us… resistance is futile. lol
The reason we hype gemini season so much ( mainly calvin and my self ) is because us geminis get SUCH a bad rap from you other muthafuckas, for no good reason. for instance, lets skip ahead to friday for a hot second…. i was at this frat party… and there was this girl there, that had helped me in the mall… and we had a lil bit of a episode because a nigga like OJ walked out the store with like 200 dollars wortha shit that i didnt pay for ( but thats another story ). everything was smoothed out…. lol kinda… ( i only paid 40 bucks for everything in the bag lol ) but ol girl remembered me. i remembered her… so we were chatting it up and what not. and she asked me… ” so how old are you ”
“24 on tuesday ” i replied
so she says ” that would make you a…………… ” then once she figured out i was a gemini… she had this look on her face like… ahh shit, not one of you muthafuckas again! And im thinking to my self… gotdammit lol stop that shit… you look to be some what interested in a nigga… why now must you be on that shit? people always go into some damn story on how geminis are this and that… and the shit is never true. they just hype it way the fuck outta porportion for whatever reason. but i get this same shit every time people find out when i was born. But… once i get to talking some more and move past thier gemini stories… they always go back to being interested again… like ol girl did. but… she is 19… and i have somebody already… so im good either way lol.
but yea… people treat us like we are bad grapes or some shit… when we havnt done a damn thing to anybody… we are the most loved and respected people on the planet. dont believe me? some of the most loved and respected people thru time have been geminis… lets take a recent example. Tupac and Biggie were both Geminis… do i need to go on? honestly.
So yea… its gemini season people… be about it.
as for this here gemini during gemini season… eh… dont worry about getting me anything… or callin… or showing your apperciation. id rather be left alone this go round. seriously.
and please… reframe from plugging your zodiac. i promise i dont care. neither does anybody else.

Also on this day… my cousin john… one of my closest friends. called me and told me that he was coming to california ( his current residence is some where in the middle of bumfucked texas… where the roaches fly and the niggas arent welcome lol ). then he asked me if i would be down to roll to vegas this weekend… i had to say no… because i had work to get done this weekend. he was like cool…. then he asked… well… what if i was gettin married ( to his long time girlfriend and mother to his child, jessica )? i assure the nigga that i am indeed down. However… some muhfuckin WARNING would have been nice so a nigga could have planned for the shit.
but stop… say oj… didnt you cancel your trip to vegas for your birthday? YES!
isnt this the weekend you would have gone? YES!
fuck… so it looks like a nigga WILL be in vegas… but just not for his birthday. oh well. im still down.

Thursday, May 22nd.

i was at the courthouse in rancho cucamonga ( yes this is a real place… ice cube n nem didnt just make thie shit up for next friday … i used to live there lol ). Why? lets not talk about that. lets just focus on the fact that i was PISSED completly off. and lost all control over my anger and emotions. well kinda. on this day i lost a sister. fuckit.

but on this day too was my fathers 50th birthday 🙂
he too was there at the courthouse. and he too was pissed that he had to spend his 50th birthday in the white mans court house lol. he isnt a big celebrater of his birthday… so we didnt really do anything. im just glad to have him with us still. We almost lost him… a FEW times.
Back in the early 90’s, ( i dont remember what year exactly… or how old i was, but i was young… i was no older than 11 )while doing securty at my uncles club near downtown LA he got shot in the back. i dont remember how old i was… but i was there… i remember that shit like yesterday. lol well kinda… because i cant remember where the fuck i was in the club ( it was a huge building ) but i heard shots… i did the normal LA thing… hit the fuckin floor… after i figured out everything was clear… i got up to see what was going on… the dance floor was empty… and every body was by the entrance. i walked up… and i saw my dad… leaned over some counter or something and some mexican guy holding his back. and i noticed a buncha people lookin at my dads back. I walk up and my dad looks at me… and he says… “OJ, i dont want you to panic… dont be scared. But i got shot….. ” I was hella shocked and walked around the counter and saw this mexican guy with his finger in my dads back. Blood was pouring down his finger on to the floor, and i lost it. i teared all the way up… tears was jumpin the fuck outta my face, i did the EXACT oppisite of what my dad wanted me to do… i paniced like a muthafucka and i was terrified. as far as i knew… when a nigga get shot in the back… he die… thats what happen on tv!
i wont go into the rest… but needless to say… the bullet hit him at a angle. what happen was… he went out side to break up a fight… niggas started shooting. he turned around and ducked to run back inside and got caught with a hot one. so… the bullet didnt go thru him… it went from his lower back to his upper back… and is still posted there today. He is truely blessed because that shit hasnt moved and he hasnt had any effects from any lead or anything like that.
another time… was when the late dr kahlid muhammad got shot in riverside at uc riverside. i remember that day too. My father used to run the mosque in san bernardino. And he arranged for Kahlid to come to UC Riverside to speak and what not. he came and spoke… there was protesters ( a buncha jewish people ), but other than that… the whole thing went smoothly, till the end obviously. what happen was… Kahlid was suppose to go get in the car ( it just so happen to be my moms car… she had a lincoln town car at the time ) and go back to the hotel after he finish speaking… and that was suppose to be that. But… this man here… for no reason ( luckly )… turns around and goes the other direction to debate ( i guess ) and address the protesters that were near the parkinglot. me? i was near the entrance with my mom and sister selling water and snacks n shit ( we came up! lol ). now ok… the car was parked over near the back of the building ( i think it was the gym ), which was my left and the protesters was on the oppisite side of the building in the front…. which was my right. So im at the entrance… and the shit is over… and people are filing out… then out of no where, i see my Dad and the rest of the brothers ( which included my uncle… that ran the club my dad got shot at ) that was doing security following Kahlid who was headed towards the protesters. They all go down there… and im lookin down there… still selling water and snacks n shit… and i notice people walking down to see what was going on down there. And all of a sudden… i notice a man walking with Glasses on… looked hella outta place… i think he had on a blue jacket. and when i saw him… i was wondering where the fuck he came from… because he didnt look like he attended the speech really…. but i let it go… as i countine to look down there… something hit me… and i had a funny feeling in my stomach… then… POP POP POP POP… shots fired! niggas went EVERYWHERE ( lol of course ). Once again… OJ hit the muthafuckin floor. grabbed the money and my noesy ass sister who was trying to stand up and walk down to see what was going on. and cover up as best as possible. once i figured out the danger was over… i look up and all i see is a small crowd of people… and some comotion… i was scared as fuck… because my dad and uncle was over there were the shots was fired…… man…. Turns out that James Best ( the nigga that walked right passed me ) walked down there and fired shots at Kahlid… hit him in the leg… hit some other guy from BFCC in the chest and the rest of the shots… i dont know where they went because them niggas beat the living shit outta his ass. GOOD LORD he was a blood pile of bullshit once they finished with him. they stomped his teeth the fuck out… i think they fractured his skull… broke EVERY gotdamn thing… the police was scared as fuck to pull him from the crowd… ( notice i havent incriminated any body in particular lol ). They eventually got his ass… he was inches from death… everybody had blood on em. i dont know how his bitch ass survived that shit. But… walking up to Kahlid and trying to plug him wasnt his intial plan… what he intentions was to camp out by my moms car… in the bushes… and snipe kahlid in the car, and im assuming everybody else… because there wasnt no gettin away from that shit either, unless he did everybody in… everybody including my father.
sigh… so… another close call. we wont even talk about the shit im too young to remember when we used to live on 53rd and Hoover in South Central. my uncle has stories for hours.
But… he is here now… and im thankful.
Happy Birthday again dad ( even tho he rarely reads this shit )

Also on thrusday… john touched down. met me at the courthouse… where i lost my muthafuckin temper. but i wont speak on that.

On this same day… on the way back to the valley… i realized how much i miss kickin it with my cousins. but… niggas is gettin older… and everybody got other shit going on ( look at me… i work all the damn time )… so shit cant be like it used to be. However… we did manage to get a picture taken ( which isnt posted because im lazy. ) the moment captured was the largest number of us that have been in the same spot since fuckin high school ( 5 lol ).

Friday, May 23rd

i dont rememeber too much about this day… except this is the day i probably pissed deah the fuck off ( or was that wendsday? ) and i went to a frat praty… the ZB FUCKIN T!!! ( thas how they say that shit lol ) party.
sigh… where to start lol… it was at the frat house i guess… and the back yard was big as fuck… and there was a buncha muhfuckas back there… some lil mexican dude got stole on by some Kappa nigga who WAS NOT playing lol. that shit got broke up quick tho. and in the house… where all the dancing n shit was going on… it was hot as mustier than a muhfucka ( do i have to say who was the majortiy there?!?! ). it was stankin in that bitch lol… i walked in there and said to the homie… oh shit… it smells like fuckin SARS in here. this nigga feel out lol. the only achole that was being served was beer… and oj is cool on beer. so i didnt dance with nobody because i was hella sober… However. i did see the most beautiful female ever at this party. she was nice and chocolate and sexier than a muthafucka. but… like i said… i have somebody lol. so it was all eye candy for me. great eye candy it was indeed lol. im too shy ( believe it ) to approach a female like that anyway. so it dont matter… she was probably young as fuck like every gotdamn body else at tha muthafuckin party. that shit was irritating!

Saturday, May 24th

i woke up about 11 am. about 12 noon i got upstairs and im kickin it… my cell phone rings… its john… he says ” nigga… today is the day ” mind you this nigga.. when he informed me he was gettin married… wasnt sure about the date at all, lol just was like… saturday or sunday… i dont know. he goes on ” im in riverside right now and im on my way to ontario yap yap yap yap…. we are leaving for vegas later” im like alright nigga… let me get my shit… im on my way. i got my shit together… cussin… because i had ALOT more work to do… but… this was important… so i was on the road. Not till 20 min before i hit Fontana… i found out from my cousin RJ that this nigga isnt really gettin married in vegas… but in Big Bear… and is going to vegas afterwards… well shit… cool… i thought i was gonna be HELLA behind! we all assemble at Dell house… and roll out to big bear… these niggas LEFT me because we ( john and theo ) was running late… and i needed gas. let this be a testimate to how fast i drive lol…. i stoped and got gass… these niggas, john and theo… kept rollin. we went up the 15 north… to the 215 south… to the 30 east… to the 338… umm UP! yes… fuckin UP… up the fuckin mountain… to the 18 east ( i think ) to hitchin post at big bear. Half way up the mountain… i caught Todd… who was coming from redlands ( which is closer to the mountain than fontana ) and started a lil bit before we did. next… i caught theo… who was right behind john… but john drives as fast as me so theo got left lol. BUT… i damn near caught john… who had got there a good 5 to 10 min before i did. lol i was DIPPIN up that mountain lol there was all kinda twist and turns and other shit like that… that shit was damn near fun… except for the cars and trucks and diesles coming the other way flying down the muthafucka ( i am terrffied of other peoples driving abilities! ). it didnt bother me all THAT much, except when we passed a diesel… fuck lol. But this nigga RJ… was hiding from the muthafuckin window… i look over… and this nigga is cussin silently to his self and got his seat all the way back. lookin at the fuckin sky lol. i said… nigga… what in the fuck is wrong with you! he goes… dogg… you see that 3000 foot drop of the side of this muthafucka>?!?!?!?! you aint over here!! you dont see this shit!! THIS SHIT IS HIGH AS FUCK NIGGA!! I CANT SEE THE GROUND!!! ah man… i was rollin lol this nigga was terrified… of course… oj is an asshole so i started drivin a lil faster AND swirved at random intervals to fuck with this nigga lol that shit was tha guts. lol but that drive was a muthafuckin CLIMB… we started out… saw a sign that said 2000 feet… then 3000… then 4… then ……. didnt see 5 or 6… but when shit leveled out… a sign poped up that said elevation: 7000 ft. THAS OVER A FUCKIN MILE! gotdamn! that was fuckin with me then! lol but by then we was done with the cliffs n shit lol but fuck…
anyway… the Collinssesesss….eessess…ess…es… ( fuck you… you say that shit out loud to your self! ) where married around 6… wedding was suppose to start at 5 lol. i took pictures ( that are still chillin on my camera… imma hear about them shits on thrusday lol ) it was nice. but… thas one more of the homies locked the hell down lol. Congradulations to John and Jessica Collins.
After that… i kicked it in the Fo for a min and went back home… worked a lil bit… went and kicked it at Chrstinas apt with everybody… cracked jokes… blacked out.

Sunday, May 25th.

My bank… Citibank… is fulla shit. period.
Today… OJ is in a bad bad place and doesnt feel good at all. end of fuckin story… didnt get shit done today…

Monday, May 26th.

Today is one of my best friends birthday… Mr Calvin Smith.
Happy Birthday nigga… High five. and lets not forget the customary ” fuck you ” for being that Hot day Older than a nigga lol

today hasnt really started yet… but who knows what bullshit the day holds for me. hopefully not too much… because i cant take no more… ive had to endure plently of shit this month. lost an auntie… lost a sister… lost 5 muthafuckin g’s and that aint even half of the shit a nigga could start complaining about.
i am seriously gonna snap on somebody… im at my muthafuckin peek.
imma have to turn off AIM and stop pickin up the phone ( as much as that would fuck with me ) in a lil while.

but yea… today is monday… memorial day… and i dont have shit planned… i aint doing shit… i dont wanna do a muthafuckin thing except for work… because i need to have a whole flash site ( that i havent started on ) done by fuckin friday.

so i guess it was the last Six days… the 7th hasnt come yet.
im going to sleep.


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