Uhmah Park

This is not about what you might think. And i only say that because i know what my punk ass friends are gonna think. Probably because i know what id think if i were in their shoes. Assholes.

Anyway… so im waiting to play the homie in some NBA Live online, listening to this bullshit ass sound track ( except for the busta track ), and i had a thought. Has any internet rapper became famous? Like, actually got a deal, got signed. Made a video, showed up on trl n shit. Or at least okayplayer or some shit. Actually scratch Okayplayer. that might not be the top, but a mildstone to getting there none the less. Although im sure all them hatin ass niggas over there will get hella critical of said Internet to Limelight individual after they inquire too much sucess and have become bigger than their scene. Whatever tho. Im not really big on the music thats out now, and i dont watch mtv or bet regularly. Im probably the only person youll ever know that actually means that when they say it, i promise. But as far as i know, no internet artist has made it big yet.
I suppose you could count those two dudes that never met, but put together a album over the net. But ehh, not really. Im sure they sold units. plus i know mad niggas that bootleged the shit. Thieving bastards! i dont remember them making a trl apperence or proforming on a late night show or no shit. So, they dont count. Im talkin like, big enough to have the stalkeratzi in your grill. Paying attention to what youre doing.
I havent seen a case yet. I dont even think anybody REALLY REALLY cares what Andy Milkacrackas ( i dont know how to spell this muthafuckas name…. and really, should i? ) does in his spare time. I think thats probably because thats how he got on tv in the first place.
I think the cloest possible case is Tia Tequila, but she isnt a mega star yet at all. She doesnt have the media all in her business at all. If you know whats crackin with her, thats because of her promotion efforts, and not any residual attention. But like i said, im detached from the tv. So i might be the best authority. None the less, if she was that big, with me being detached like i am, i would have surely heard something by now.

So that leaves our count at zero. But, the world is changing. Within the next two years. Some of who started off on the internet is bound to become insainley famous. So then eventually, i guess that would mean, that marketing will start coming from the net, instead of going into the internet. ( im real blowed, but that should make sense sober )
What im saying is… eventually when that one person breaks big. Then the next…. focus will turn to the internet for new music and entertainment. instead of waiting for the next new artist on trl. or 106 and park.

Anyway… i dont think nobody has broke yet.

That too way too long to say. What i really was thinking was, what if said internet rapper got a little big, a little shine, and then started dissin niggas by they screen name in they raps. Like had that tupac hate in they voice. “PIMPSTYLE76, FUCK YOU TOO”
I think that will have plateued Lameness in rap. I predict in the next 4 years. We will see that happen. With all the lame ass shit thats out now, its bound to fucking happen. I think ive been witness to some painfully lame shit. And honestly, i cant say i would be surprised if some internet rapper blew up a little bit, and started dissin other internet niggas that could only make a website and a bootleg ass song in response. So it would always seem like he wins his battles lmao. Its gonna happen. I just know it. I almost need for it to happen now, so i dont seem like im out my gotdamn mind. But mark my words. In the next 4 years. You dont understand, the shit im listening to on the NBA Live shit, and some of the pure ear garbage ive heard on the net. its going to happen.

As you can easily see, i have no faith in my fellow man.

And thats ok, that just means i can stop being disapointed all the time, and just expect the worse and save my self the heartache. It works, i promise. you should try it.

Lastly, id like to say that Reggaeton does not suck. Its just not for me. at all. maybe after 3 long islands. i could  get a temporary visa to reggeaton land.
lol shit id do the twist to the polka then! id be perv-superior.

( perv-superior = right before frunk as duck! )


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