Uhmah Park

I was talking to young juave ( RJ ) earlier, and i was reminded about a incident at frys about a year or so ago.

Frys is an electronics store, its big as fuck, bigger than best buy. better prices. better shit. more shit. it cracks. i love frys. often when i go in there, i just browse around for about 30 min before i go and actually get what i went in there for.

but for whatever reason, frys hires the weirdest group of nerds and foriegners youve ever fucking seen. and they all look like bootleg agents from the matrix. they have on white shirts, black tie. black pants. nothing but nerds and mutahfuckas with accents and nerds with accents work there.
its like all the muthafuckas that didnt really make it at best buy or was just too damn smart to work at best buy ( because we know them niggas are idiots! gotdamn. well not all of em. ) its weird. but the people are nice there. and they will answer all your questions in the best engrish ( joke lol ) possible, and go out of their way sometimes to help you.

anyway… im walkin around… and I notice this African dude a ways down the isle i was in did some kind of a spin move off somebody else, to ask me if i needed help. i was like naw… im just looking around. cool. he left me alone.

a lil while later, when i actually did need some help, the same african guy was johnny on the spot and was glad to help me. i wasnt really paying attention and didnt really notice that HE had to ask somebody else for help, so he could help me. im just following this dark ass nigga around looking at shit.

now i know what youre thinking. no.. i did not assume he was from africa because he was darker than my cable box; he too had a thick ass accent, an african one. like he was a Coming to America extra n shit lol. (“IT IS YOU!!!” lol)

so yea.. he asked a fellow employee for help, so he could help me. he takes me to what i was looking for, i picked out some shit and was about to roll. but here this guy goes, with what seemed as the nicest shit ever; this nigga offers me his discount. this happen right after i got what i was gettin ( i forget what it was ). i pick it up, and this nigga offers me his discount..

“i can get that for you! i give you my discount.”

i say… “Really? well hell, that cracks. THANKS! how much is your discount?”
This nigga tells me 10%. fuck it, a discount is a discount nigga.
i say “… oh… well alright, that works….”

so we start walking to the front counter…………….. three steps into this walk. my Nigga Senses started actin up.
dont NOOOOOOOOO nigga in LA do SHIT with out expecting something in return lol. they just dont. niggas out here dont really do anything on some cool shit like that. that shit there was just far too much. i didnt know this nigga from shit; and here he goes… offering me his discount. shit didnt make sense. lol

so im like fuck it, i stopped this nigga and say “… umm dogg. why you just offerin up your discount like that?”
this nigga says… “oooh, because. its ok… i give you my discount.”
and i reply “naw, fuck that. you dont know me homie. you givin me that shit for a reason, you just dont give anybody your discount, and not want shit in return…… you expectin somethin or some shit?”
and this nigga says to me… “uuuhh yea… you give me your number.”
nah, nigga nah..

This muthafucka just assumed I knew what was going on. He thought he found his in and was ready to get to mackin. Nigga, at least work your way into that part. make your intentions clear so i can respectfully decline. Maybe ask if we can talk later, THEN offer up his discount or something less.. i dont know. Nigga had me out there feeling like a woman who had to field an unwarranted advance lol. “Fuckin creep!” lmao. Now I know how women must feel when guys hit on them out of no where like that ( i dont do this).

Clearly im attractive enough for a gay man to feel some kind of way about me, thats fine. The part that pissed me off was, he got at me like i was supposed to just KNOW the routine. Like yea, I hook you up with my measly 10% discount, then im going to guilt you into giving me your number after you make your purchase. we exchange phone numbers so I can mack you down later..

AH HELL MUTAHFUCKIN NAW! i looked at him with all kinds of what the fuck; i got loud n shit. he was all embarrassed. i didnt giva fuck! i told him that he could keep his discount, i aint even on it like that. the muthafucka tried to give it to me anyway. hoping i wouldnt tell on his black ass.
NO Nigga! i insisted id be alright with out that shit, and he could stay there. i was fuckin leaving!

Im not homophobic at ALL. But, gay ass african niggas?!?!? i couldnt believe that shit. and then the nigga tried to get at me like i was just gonna be with it or some shit. Nothing about me says anything about gay. i didnt even know niggas from africa could be gay. its too gotdamn dry in some parts of africa for niggas to even be on it like that. i just dont fuckin understand. i cant even imagine some gay African shit, like two dark ashy dusty ass niggas all over each other. nigga ugh! At this point in my life, it never crossed my mind that there were gay people in africa for whatever reason. I have no explanation lol.

However though, if the discount was like 40% or something like that, i might have had to offer up the most fraudulent number lol.
nawww fuck that. if that nigga would have grabbed my ass on the way out or some shit and was really trying to get at me, nah man. i couldnt have went thru with that shit lol. the come up just aint worth it lol. lol
this nigga rj was like, “yea… if the discount was that much, you could have given him a fake number and never rolled in there again.”
pssssshhhhh fuck that! i would have rolled right back in that bitch. and he would have been pissed. and i would have told that nigga to his muthafuckin face, YOU GOTDAMN RIGHT i gave your jaybee jaybee (J.B.J.B.) as a fake ass number nigga! what the fuck are you gonna do about it? ( johns line ).
fuck it, be mad nigga. i dont care! i came up! shit, i was trying to save 40 bucks. but i couldnt, fuck that. all them forgien ass girls would have been lookin at a nigga funny like oooh… he fucks with kufee n shit.

No nigga no! i actually did end up seeing that nigga in the store the VERY NEXT time i went in there. and he stayed his black ass the fuck away from me. and i sure was ready to cuss at that nigga. i think i rolled in there with my girlfriend at the time… i dont remember.

anyway… im taking my tired ass to bed.


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