The Guttist Shit in a Long Time.

My Cousin JD and I, we are cursed. Cursed with the gift of over observation. lol There aint too much that gets past either one of us. But dont let both of us be in the same spot. Oh boy… if there is something wrong with you we will find it and exploit the fuck out of it lol. Anyway, i say all that to say this: JD saw some pretty gutty shit the other day.

JD: nigga somebody wrote in the dust of somebody back window
JD: Im a terrorist, kick my ass
OJ: that has to be the guttiest shit ever nigga lol
JD: yea nigga
O: imma have to do that to somebody car
JD: i couldnt wait too hit up the first dusty car i saw
JD: Nigga i wish there was a way too record muthafuckas reactions too that shit, i know there is gonna be one redneck with a confederate flag that takes some serious offense
OJ: you know? on some… you should have washed your car immedatly! ITS TIME FOR A HATE CRIME!
JD: GMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JD: hell yea, that shit would motivate me too wash my shit, way before some punk ass “wash Me”

its a good thing i wasnt fucking driving. i would have swerved the fuck off the road laughin my ass off and hit a pole or some shit.

in other news… ( lol in honor of Max being unfelonized! )

I have been reunited with the Murder was the Case Soundtrack!!! and E.1999!!! and Ice Cubes, Bootlegs and B sides!! im so happy! Long time readers of this here weblog and friends, should remember that sometime ago. Sigh. 90% of my cd’s were stolen in an attempted thieft of my 1984 Oldsmoble Cutlass Supreme ( gangsta gangsta ). i done played the Murder was the Case Soundtrack like 3 times today lol. this shit is bangin!

say… speaking of snoop. Who told that nigga that he could wear gators and dickies in that 50 Cent video? that shit was the guts.

and speaking of 50… Pimp? im not buying it. 50… imma thug and i be doing thug shit. yea… sounds more like it lol.

wouldnt it be the guts if there was a Redneck Super hero? lol like if he got super powers from throwing back a few budwiswers ( or who ever would be brave enough to sponser that shit lol ). and when it was time for him to be Super Jim Bob. He would run and hop on a old red chevy truck and hold his bear then yell out “ITS TIME FOR A HATE CRIME!!” lol. and beat that muhfucka ass who had that imma terriorst shit on they car and didnt take it off ass soon as they seen it lol.

a pet peeve of mine… people who have websites… but still use hotmail as thier fucking main email address… or some other third party email. that shit irks the fuck out of me.

i think im done… i might add more later

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