Uhmah Park

People always ask me… what in tha hell is tha guts????

the guts = funny

it comes from the term “to buss a gut” as in i was laughing so hard i almost busted a gut.

eventually the term was reduced to just saying… the guts.

the guts is kinda a old word ive been sayin since jr high i think.

” tha guts ” orginated in a small town about a hour outside LA named Fontana. one of the wackest places on EARTH. and ive been living there from 88 till about 6 months ago. and for entertainment what niggas usually do is sit around… and come with new stupid shit to say. and talk shit to who ever is around.

so no more askin what tha damn guts means.

* side note * after some discussion and colaboration. We ( me and tha homies ) have decided it was us who came up with the word “The Guts”

that is all.


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