Uhmah Park

Only my true Laker fans will apperciate this here. Many people dont know, that Eddie Jones was Kobe Bryant before Kobe got to the Lakers. Ahhh I remember watching Laker games waiting for Eddie to smash on somebody. It was great!! Until Kobe got there, and then stole the fuckin show. Oops. I think Eddie Jones is great, but he aint dropin 81. Even in the eastern confrence. But that in no way takes away from his greatness! It was a sad day when Eddie was traded, sigh. Good thing we’ve had Kobe to fill that void all this time. Good thing indeed lol. Anyway…

This is Soup Theatre and Eddie Jones was dished out plenty hot bowls of soup! The homie found this on YouTube and I’d like to share it with my fellow Laker fans:



I seen both those games. He used to bang on Shawn Bradley fairly often though. It was like he liked it or something lol.
But the free throw line (kinda lol) dunk?!?!?! AHHHHH I  lost my MIND  when he did that shit!!!  Shaq went nuts , the whole team was hype, it was great. I dont know why that nigga jumped lol. Imma have to look for a better clip. Thats the best I can do. Oh well.

Sigh, lets take a moment for Chick Herns. Laker games will never be the same. At least Stu is there still.

And umm yea, I dont want to talk about any current Laker not making any moves situation because that shit frustrates the fuck out of me. I dont even wanna think about the shit.  I cant do shit to make them muthafuckas do anything in the realm of “smart” as far as bettering the team. I could bitch all day about that shit. Just like Kobe lol. I dont blame that nigga AT ALL. He’s a better man than me, I would have slapped the shit out of somebody by now. Fuck it lol.