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The GOP has pissed Jon Stewart ALL the way off this time

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Lame-as-F@#k Congress
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Ive been watching the daily show for a while. No matter what the subject, usually Jon Stewart will crack some sort of smile. He didnt smile any once he got to talking about this 9/11 first responders bill… AT ALL. He seemed pretty pissed off. Which I dont blame him for. This is the biggest “Fuck Off” Ive seen since…. I dont know when. I cant believe anybody who would wave an American Flag (or make a BIG FUCKING FUSS over any one who didnt wear an American flag pin) would vote against this bill.

Im damn near willing to bet that Osama Bin Laden himself would vote for this damn bill. This has to be the most heartless shit to happen in a while. This is down right inhumane. If I was republican, Id have to go Independent after this shit. Anybody who thinks this is OK for any reason is a huge asshole.
If you just so happen to be rich and dont want your taxes to go up a record breaking, mind blowing THREE PERCENT… yes, 3 as in the number 3…. from 36% to 39%. I can seriously understand that. But to vote no on this bill in order to accomplish that? That makes you a fucking terrorist as far as Im concerned. This has turned into a hostage situation.
“Give us our tax cuts or the 9/11 first responders GET IT!”

Where the hell is Sarah Palin on this issue? Honestly, Im not one of those Hate The GOP guys because they are on the other side. I honestly believe those people, in their heads, have the best intentions for this country as they see fit. I may not see eye to eye with any of these people. But I wouldnt say they hate america or are unpatriotic. Until now. This is down right unamerican. Whats next? Are they gonna bring back Jim Crow?! Yea, sounds crazy… But these people already told Gay people to fuck off. Told Mexicans to fuck the fuck off, in so many different ways. Now they are telling 9/11 responders to fuck off. Black people HAVE to be next!
Maybe us Blacks can skate by with the GOP not reelecting Micheal Steele. Lets cross our fingers. These people are clearly capable of anything.