Uhmah Park

edit: i was so gone… i forgot to give this bitch a title till the next morning lol

i was minding my own business… unsober as hell.

and i had a thought: Why do cartoon characters wear gloves?

What point does that serve? isnt it already absurd enough that some animal can stand on two feet and talk already. not only talk… but talk shit. and to just make the murder all the way complete… they put gloves on the mutahfucka?
and then… to make shit even more fucked up… some animals, dont wear gloves. they have fingers, but no gloves. like… daffy duck. no gloves. Bugs Bunny… gloves! why?? what the fuck was he wearing gloves for? the muthafucka didnt have shit else on… except for fuckin gloves. is it just me… or is something wrong with this picture? he walked on big bunny feet. but didnt have bunny hands. the muthafucka had on a part of white gloves, that never really got dirty mind you. have you ever seen when he took them shits off? he looks SUPER naked! gotdamn lol. never mind that really… noremally, he is a naked ass rabbit with ONLY gloves on normally.

Mickey Mouse… why does a rat, fuckin need gloves? not only did he have gloves… he had on fuckin booty shorts and dress shoes with no socks! jollier than a sumbitch. lol what kinda name is mickey for a male anything? anyway… he sported gloves. Donald… a duck ( like daffy ). he had no gloves. BUT… the muthafucka used to wear a sailor hat, and a sailor jacket… a JACKET… but no pants ?!?!? but yea… back to my point. where are his gloves? Goofy, had gloves. and i think he was probably the first fully clothed cartoon character.

lets see… porkey pig… had no gloves, but had hoves for feet. porky had fingers you could see. that made no sense. Foghorn leghorn didnt have gloves either… neither did the dogg.

actually… now that i think about it, and ive done a little bit of blowed research. they were the only charcters for thier respective sets that did wear gloves. so when you wear gloves, do that signify youre some kinda leader or some shit?

i dont know… im confused now.

blowed people have blowed thoughts… and im about to get me some good sleep.


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