Uhmah Park

So the other day, the homie Jen decides to start a mixtape group called the exchange.

I’d say more but it appears that Liz has done all the hard work. So Imma just copy and paste her shit. HA!


12 Fresh People. 12 Fresh Tracks. The Exchange.

Today I am happy to introduce to you a weekly podcasting-ish/mixtape collabo project that I am apart of. It’s called The Exchange and it’s composed of me and 11 of the freshest people on the Internets. Every week we pick a theme, submit a track, and put it all together for you and yours.

Who are the 12 Freshest People On The Internets?

Glad you asked. For the record:

Why is it called The Exchange?
Because it’s a dope name, and because we are all friends (and/or friends of friends) strewn across the world but we all connect digitally, daily, in many different locations online.

What’s the first edition?
Say My Name.

What’s the tracklist, and who chose what?
Sam | Jazzy Belle (remix) – Outkast feat. Babyface
Marcia | Black Stacey – Saul Williams
Kate | Helen – The Cave Singers
Ouxu | Mary Jane (All Night Long) – Mary J. Blige
Cye | Saigon Meets Just Blaze – Saigon
Eyejammy | Mona Lisa – Slick Rick
Jen | Renee – Lost Boyz
OJ | Makeba – Aceyalone
Liz | Poor Georgie – MC Lyte
Panama | Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
Brandon | Adam – Me’Shell Ndegéocello
George | Mona Lisa – Nat King Cole

Where can I cop your freshness?
You can download the zip file here. When Muxtape gets some Ack Rite, we’ll have a link for you there.

Big thanks to Marcia and my superfly homegirl Jen for organizing and executing this for everyone.


Hm, I hope Liz does this every week so I can just copy and paste it. That was pretty great lol.

I can only vouch for the freshness of 2 and a half people in this group. Thats only because I’ve never met that nigga Panama Jackson aka Doube O Negro – Double Agent for the Black man and The Man! (lol he probably doesnt remember that).

Thought I was gonna submit some kinda weed-esque Mary Jane song didnt you?

Makeba. I can remember so many painfully sober late night trips between compton, los angeles, fontana, upland, rancho cucamonga, gardena, torrance, el segundo, pomona, montcliar, ontario, rialto, san barnardino and every place inbetween. I’ve probably heard this song and every last one of those cities plus more… more than three times in each place. Rolling around in the escort…. with that nigga John lol. Oh the countless missions and the tapes thats was dubs of dubs still bumpin them subs lol. And then…. the mini disk player lmao (inside joke). Not all the missions were sober. Just most of them… for me… back then lol.

Anyway… Imma tell you about this girl I know… or this girl I used to know. Sigh (listen to the song). This girl I used to be hella stuck on. I was convinced she was the girl for me for a long time. But I never saw my self actually being with this girl lol. Something always told me in the back of my head that I wouldn’t have been happy with her after a while. LOL I used to sweat her SOOO bad lol. Gotdamn lol. You should never sweat anybody like that. Somebody you have NO real intentions on having a real relationship with and you know that shit lol. A relationship between me and this girl was super unrealistic. For alot of reasons. Timing, our tempers (you think mine is bad now? wooo), situations and circumstances that are too many to name.
She was one of my best friends though. She was super down for me. I was super down for her. We got in enough trouble together. We almost got killed together more than twice. We almost got arrested together more than twice lol. Fights, thieft, sex, lies. A buncha shit.  She never abandoned a nigga. And when I fucked her girlfriend… she didnt even get mad at me. She beat her girlfriend ASS though lmao. Gooootdamn that was some rough shit. Yes… you read that right, its a long story. I’ll tell that triffling ass tale another time.
I didnt super simp out for this girl or nothing. I wasnt on no Steve Erkel shit or nothing like that. We never went on a date. The whole time I knew her, we only spent maybe an 8th of that time alone together. We did have some pretty good gotdamn sex a few times though, shit. Now that I think about it, she was probably the first girl I really gave good dick to. However, we were nothing close to a couple. We didnt even look like one. I just thought she was the greatest girl I had ever met lol… at the time. Lucky me, I’ve met alot of other females since then. Anyway. I was so lying to myself if I ever thought we would have worked out. Like I said, I kinda knew that. But, that was the best life had shown me at that time. Not to say that she aint now that I’ve grown up. I just know what I want exactly in somebody I wanna be with now. And me and her wouldnt have worked. Although I wanted it to lol. Like a jackass. Thinking back on it, I fucked up with her PLENTY of times. Just being shy and not believing somebody as pretty as her would be interested in me at all (didnt make that mistake twice lol). I was such an asshole back then. LOL damn lol. I over looked alot of shit. Even though I could read her like a book. She didnt even have to say anything to me. Oh well.
God was looking out for me. Because it always seemed like something was in the way with me and her. Even after we had lost touch for a little while, saw each other again and everything was perfect that one time. At least it seemed lol. I honestly, just dropped the ball. But for whatever reason.. like I said.. I was super reluctant to pick that ball up. Especially this time im talking about though. Because by then, I had met some one (a few somebodies actually) who showed me how things are really suppose to be when two people are into each other.

No regrets. We dont talk now because her husband doesnt like me lol. Ive never met this man. But there was some kind of incident where she called my name in her sleep, or she adopted some 100% truth policy (which really didnt used to be like her, but I can see why she would have changed her ways) and she told her husband something like she dont trust her self around me. And she know I aint shit at all lol (cant say that shit aint true). So now we cant be friends.
For a long time I used to hold that against her. lol Honestly, probably until just about… eehh… 5 minutes ago? LOL Hadn’t really thought about it too much for a while now. Typing this out and looking back on things, I kind of see things differently. Some things for maybe what they are or wasnt or whatever.
Whatever. if I’m not mistaken, at the time, her man had every right not to trust my Black ass lol. Maybe I’m just not holding a grudge. Who knows, who cares. Whats done is done, and she is just a memory now. But that song always makes me think of her. Just the memories though. I mean, I hope everything is all good with her and all, you know. But it’s really all relative. “Indiffer-ass-ant” is what they call me.