Uhmah Park

Summer time is my favorite time of the year. I have alot of reasons, but mainly because I HATE the cold. I fuckin can not stand cold weather. To give a better peak into my head, I’ll share a belief I have with you. I honestly believe that Hell is cold as FUCK! I swear. I know, sounds crazy right? Maybe… but maybe not? Yes?

LOL no seriously. I dont give a fuck how crazy it sounds. I really dont think people put much thought into what total hell would be. Naturally most people think, head and the lake of fire n shit. Youre not, youre burning your ass off or whatever. Boo hoo nigga!!!
If you notice, when you think of hell, you dont think of anybody in clothes really, if you do, they are all fucked up and torn. Which means you have SOME cooling off options! Its not like muthafuckas is walking around hell in goose downs n shit. Buring the fuck up on top of that. How? its gonna eventually catch fire and burn the fuck off. Jacket problem solved. It might suck coming the fuck off. But problem solved none the less lol. Youre back to barely having shit on, in a hot ass environment. Which means… even in hell, there is a bright side… in this case being that at least i dont have a big ass ski suit on or no shit. Even if you have on gasoline draws… you just have draws on. And being a logical adult, think about it. You think the devil is gonna fuckin pay for parkas?!?! NO! And from what I hear the devil is in the business of souls… not mone…. nevermind. Sorry GW Bush, forgot about standing over there. But even that asshole… he didnt wanna pay for a buncha niggas to rebuild their city. You think he is gonna want to pay for a buncha degenerates to have an even worse experience?! NO. lol

But in contrast, you have my true vision of hell. A place where its cold as fuck and nothing grows. Not only is it cold as fuck, but you have on rags or even worse, naked as fuck. Colder than youve ever imagined ever. And no matter how much you cover up, there is no warming up shit. Huddle together? No, the devil isnt gonna allow that shit. Its easier, and more hellaious i might add, to crack muthafucaks in a cold atmosphere than it is to pay for parkas to just make you hella hot.
How much more do you think its gonna hurt if you get cracked with some instrument of behavioral correction when its cold, opposed to getting fucked up when youre hot? Think about it, hm? Id say the margin of pain was pretty fuckin wide. I actually KNOW it to be!
They say hell is some where under or below something right? If you look at the planet. Whats at the VERY Bottom of the planet? No, not the hot core.. which is where I suppose most people would think hell to be. But change your perception. Look at a map of the world. Whats at the bottom every time? No matter which way you turn the map? SOME WHERE COLD AS FUCK!!!
Nothing grows in either place! All along the equator you will find the most lush and vibrant life any where on the planet. On the polar caps? Nothing. Its cold and life thins out.
I could go on and on all day. But whatever. You aint listening. So on with the show…

Thaw out some. This time I jacked Jen, my Ace. Shes great. And not just for doing the heavy lifting for my black ass lol. If you keep up with the updates, you would be aware that we bullshited on this update. But I bullshitted on posting the last two entries. Fuck it lol Niggas got shit to do. And I really dont like using wordpress no more lol.


Better late than never, and trust me, it was worth the wait.

The Exchange.004 | Summertime

George | Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Ouxu | What They Do – The Roots
OJ | Steady Mobbin’ – Ice Cube
Eyejammy | Walking Into Sunshine – Central Line
BK | Move Ya Body – Mad Skillz
Kate | Summersend – Misha
Cye | Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes – Tanto Metro & Devonte
Marcia | Summer Wind – Madeleine Peyroux
Liz | Motown Philly – Boyz II Men
Jen | Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles
Sam | ATLiens – Outkast

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This is one of my favorite Ice Cube songs. Ever.

Have you ever seen such a site in your liiiiiiife…. There goes the neighborhood.